Court-Records: An Ace Attorney Fansite

Important information about this in-development beta

Feature and styling suggestions

As stated many, many, many times, this is a work-in-progress beta! That said, we feel we have a pretty good grip on the functionality and style for the site going forward...

...But maybe we don't? If you have a feature you think would really improve the site, or if there's some piece of styling that's absolutely ruining your experience, let us know in this thread! (Do note that some pages, like the character index at time of this posting, are totally without styling, so reporting those is a bit of a no-op!)

Using Dual Destiny's design

I totally love this site, but I also think the site should evolve with the game to make it feel more... formal. Why not use the Dual Destiny's or Spirit of Justice's design language, if it isn't difficult that is :D

Sprite page backgrounds (and forum notes

The pages that show each characters' sprites could use a solid color background, in my opinion. Having them show up against the destroyed-courtroom background looks too busy.

Edit: Also, is there any way to keep smaller avatars from getting scaled up to 200 x 200? And speaking of the forums, it feels like the posts are all spaced pretty far away from each other. Aaaand venturing into the nitpicky here, but having the first line of every forum post end early to compensate for the date and time looks a little odd, which might be able to be fixed by just having posts start an extra line down? I dunno, I'm no designer. XD

That said, I do actually like the redesign, despite what it must sound like. I just get picky on details.

New Site

Very good site redesign, the Timeline is a very good idea that need to be complete ;) Characters section may also need HD sprites and maybe some DD sprites... Also, the font added in the menu is... different... Good Luck and have a nice day !