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Feature and styling suggestions


It would be cool if users could create polls in their discussions! It would be much easier than people actually replying to it saying what they prefer/like more. There could be like an Official poll tab when you click the "Polls" button on the sidebar and a User Created Poll section, where users get to vote for polls, it'd be like a normal post, but with a poll!

Fanfiction Replys

I think you should be able to comment on each chapter of a fanfiction as well as the home-like screen for said fanfiction for people who finished reading it.

Spoiler Tags

The spoiler tags don't really have a definite end of what the spoiler is, so it becomes hard to tell what's spoilers and what isn't when there are multiple lines.


Do not read this:

This is a spoiler

Is this one too?

This is making me unsure of how to clearly mark spoilers in my OC entry, since some of the background is spoilery.