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The First Turnabout

Larry Butz is walking and looks surprised as the deceased Cindy Stone, a thinker statue, and a smiling Frank Sahwit are in the background.

Phoenix takes on his first case to save his childhood friend -- one who helped inspire him to become an attorney in the first place. With Mia by his side, he learns the basics as he confronts a decisive witness.

Turnabout Sisters

April May and Redd White are posing together, with May acting cute and White showing his rings; the bellboy is presenting tea; Mia is looking serious to the right; and Maya is looking to the left and crying in sorrow.

It's not a good day to be Phoenix Wright. Not only has his mentor been murdered, but her sister is the prime suspect. With no-one else willing to defend her, can Phoenix unravel the mystery? And what connection does Phoenix have to the prosecutor?

Turnabout Samurai

The Steel Samurai and Evil Magistrate are fighting in the center. At the bottom, Maya and Cody Hackins are cheering, Penny Nichols is looking at Maya and Cody, and Wendy Oldbag looks enraged. At the top, Sal Manella and Dee Vasquez are in the background.

It's not often that when a TV villain dies, they die for real. This time it has, and actor Will Powers is in the firing line. Can Phoenix sift through the cover-ups and forgotten history to find the real culprit? And what does Prosecutor Edgeworth have up his sleeves?

Turnabout Goodbyes

Manfred von Karma is in the background with an evil sneer, reaching out to grab Miles Edgeworth's head. Edgeworth is distressed with a hand on his head. The Old Man is playing with his parrot to the left of Edgeworth. Lotta Hart is looking intensely at a ghostly image of Gourdy with her camera and binoculars at the ready.

When a dead body turns up in a river, Phoenix takes on the most unlikely of clients; his own rival, Miles Edgeworth. Can the rookie lawyer take down Manfred von Karma, the genius prosecutor with a 40 year perfect record? And what is Edgeworth hiding?

Rise from the Ashes

Gray brown image of an empty court room

After being hired by Ema Skye to defend her sister, Chief Prosecutor Lana Skye, Phoenix is left with two problems. She claims that she did it, and the victim died in two places at the exact same time. Can Phoenix discover the darkness at the heart of the police system, and what does this mean for Edgeworth?

[NB: This is the extra case added for the DS re-release.]

The Lost Turnabout

Phoenix Wright looks proud in the foreground with a sepia image of Maggey Byrde in the background.

Phoenix Wright returns, taking on the case of Police Officer Maggey Byrd who's accused of killing a fellow officer. This would be childs play for Phoenix... if he didn't have amnesia. Can he regain his memory in time to find the real killer?

Reunion, and Turnabout

Pearl Fey looks straight with her right fist in front of her chest with a green-tinted Maya in the background. Maya appears to be starting a channeling.

After a spirit channeling seemingly goes wrong in the village of Kurain, Maya is accused of murder. To save her, Phoenix will have to take on another von Karma, Franziska, and it's going to be painful for everyone involved. Can Phoenix uncover the truth, and who is the young girl hiding in the shadows?

Turnabout Big Top

Franziska von Karma looks to her left toward a blue-tinted background image of Maximillion Galactica.

When circus ringmaster Russell Berry is murdered and magician Max Galactica is in the dock, Phoenix must answer a seemingly impossible question. Can a man really fly? And if he can't, then why did eyewitnesses see someone do it? The truth is out there, and only Phoenix can find it.

Farewell, My Turnabout

Edgeworth faces to his right with a serious expression and clenched fist toward a dark purple-tinted image of a teddy bear being handed to a metal hand.

Global Studios is in trouble again when history seems to repeat itself and another star is murdered. But when a mysterious man kidknaps Maya and demands an aquittal, it's not just the life of defendant Matt Engarde in our protagonist's hands. And when a familiar face re-appears, Phoenix must answer an important question: What sort of person is he?

Turnabout Memories

Mia Fey stands with a serious expression with background sepia images of Young Phoenix and Doug Swallow looking at each other and Dahlia Hawthorne.

One of Mia's first cases. Her defendant? Phoenix Wright himself!

Phoenix finds himself charged of murdering the ex of his girlfriend, but just who did he fall for?

The Stolen Turnabout

Godot looks smugly to his right toward green-tinted background images of Mask*DeMasque flying away from an angry Luke Atmey and Maya and Pearls looking forward determinedly with Ami Fey's repaired ashes pot in the background.

When Kurain's famed artifact is stolen from an exhibition hall, Phoenix ends up defending the very man claiming to have taken it. But why does Ron want to be found guilty? And who is this mysterious new prosecutor Godot?

Recipe for Turnabout

Maya looks happy in a waitress' outfit with sepia background images of someone drugging a cup of tea and Maggey Byrde passed out on the floor.

The papers say Phoenix Wright lost his case defending Maggey Bryde in another murder. Funny thing is, Phoenix never took that case. Is there really an imposter attorney running around? Phoenix appeals Maggey's case to get to the bottom of it.

Turnabout Beginnings

Young Edgeworth stands confidently with purple-tinted background images of two people on a bridge, with one person pointing a gun at the other person, and Valerie Hawthorne dead in a trunk.

Mia's first case, a convicted criminal is on trial for murdering a police officer. Can someone who keeps telling "little lies" be innocent? And just who is the witness?

Bridge to the Turnabout

Phoenix stands looking seriously to his left toward blue-tinted background images of Ami Fey's statue and Misty Fey.

Phoenix's final case in his trilogy. When Phoenix travels to Hazakura Temple chasing a vision from his past, he finds himself drawn into too many old grudges. Can he save Maya yet again, along with the mysterious Iris, and settle his score with Godot at the same time? Maybe with a little help from unlikely sources...

Turnabout Trump

Gray brown image of an empty court room

Apollo's first case as a defense attorney.

In a strange turn of events, Apollo must defend an all too familiar face in the murder of world traveler Shadi Smith.

Turnabout Corner

Gray brown image of an empty court room

Apollo's first case as a member of the Wright anything agency.

What first seems to be a series of minor crimes becomes a murder trial when Jr. gang member Wocky is accused of murder. Just what is the connection between panty theft, a hit 'n run, another panty theft, a stolen noodle cart and a murder?

Turnabout Serenade

Gray brown image of an empty court room

Apollo isn't exactly thrilled to be dragged to one of Klavier's concerts, but things really heat up when a staff member ends up dead.

Only one problem: How do you defend a client who doesn't even speak your language?

Turnabout Succession

Gray brown image of an empty court room

Past and present collide in the final case, as Apollo tries to save a young artist from a secret of seven years ago--and takes on the court system itself to do it.

Phoenix's legacy is passed on in this surreal, hair-raising finale.

Tunabout Visitor

Miles Edgeworth is looking seriously to his left.

Edgeworth returns to his office only to find it the scene of a murder! And not just any murder, the murder of a detective!

Gumshoe, I thought you were office-sitting!?

Turnabout Airlines

Franziska von Karma looks forward confidently with her whip in her right hand and her left arm reaching to the side.

While taking a trip on the swankiest airplane you'd never be able to afford, Edgeworth stumbles on a dead body and is mistaken for the killer!

Who is the mysterious, handsome young victim? Who killed him?

And why does an airplane have an elevator, a grand piano, and objecting statues!?

The Kidnapped Turnabout

Agent Shi-Long Lang looks forward smugly.

When Edgeworth learns that his friend's son has been kidnapped, he goes to the theme park Gatewater Land to deliver the ransom and almost becomes a victim himself. He's rescued by Kay Faraday, self proclaimed thief, and together they battle Interpol for the rights to chase down the criminals responsible.

Turnabout Reminiscence

Gumshoe looks forward smiling with his right hand behind his head.

Seven years before the start of AAI, a shocking murder takes place inside the courthouse itself, and a freshly-promoted detective is the prime suspect.

Edgeworth takes on his first "investigation" and forms bonds that will last him a lifetime, all while taking on the mystery of the famed master thief, Yatagarasu.

Turnabout Ablaze

Kay Faraday looks forward with her left hand next to her face.

After seven years the Yatagarasu has returned, but why now, and what is he after? Edgeworth and all his allies come together to combat an international criminal, with not one murder but two to solve before the night is over. All five cases lead into this action packed, world-revolving finale.

Turnabout Target

Miles Edgeworth looking forward seriously with his arms crossed.

Edgeworth is called to the scene of an attempted political assassination, and though he solves the case, he soon realizes that something much larger is already brewing…

The Imprisoned Turnabout

Hakari Mikagami looking forward confidently with her gavel in her hands.

When Edgeworth heads to the detention center to question his latest trial defendant, he finds the defendant murdered! No choice but to solve it, right?

But then a new judge and prosecutor take to the scene, and they are determined to make Edgeworth's job as difficult as possible.

The Inherited Turnabout

Gregory Edgeworth looking forward seriously with his right hand on the brim of his hat and left hand in his coat pocket.

Eighteen years ago, Gregory Edgeworth took a case that would become the final case of his career.

At the request of his father's former colleague and friend, Edgeworth rises to the challenge of solving the mystery that marred Manfred von Karma's perfect record, and cost his father his life.

The Forgotten Turnabout

Kay Faraday looking forward with her hands on her hips.

You can't have a teenaged side-kick for too long before they end up a murder suspect; Edgworth learns this lesson the hard way, putting his entire career on the line to defend Kay not from the mysterious figure that attacked her, but the Prosecutorial Investigations Committee that is determined to have the both of them locked away.

The Grand Turnabout

Yumihiko Ichiyanagi looking forward smugly with his baton raised in his right hand.

No more than a few hours after their last close call, Edgeworth and Kay stumble onto a new, high profile murder investigation.

And a kidnapping.
And another kidnapping?
And another murder?

Edgeworth goes all out to solve this final case, relearning what being a prosecutor really means to him all over again.

Turnabout Countdown

Stuff go boom!
Also, a murder.

The Monstrous Turnabout


Turnabout Academy


A teacher at Thermis lawschool is found dead. But the crime seems to follow the same pattern as the mock trial that Juniper wrote...

Can Athena help her childhood friend get acquitted, and more importantly, figure out what is up with her classmates?

The Cosmic Turnabout


A seven year old space probe returns to earth, but space rocks is not the only thing that it brought back.

Turnabout for Tomorrow


The client was proven innocent, but the killer wasn't found... That can never end well.

Athena discovers the tradition of young lawyer girls getting accused of murder the hard way.

Turnabout Reclaimed


Phoenix Wright is back after the disbarment! His first client? An orca!

How do you defend a client that isn't even the same species?

The Foreign Turnabout

Gray brown image of an empty court room
Phoenix was just supposed to be taking a vacation. Yet here he is in court. One big problem tho: the entire country despises lawyers!

The Magical Turnabout

Gray brown image of an empty court room

While Phoenix is busy on his "vacation" Apollo defends a familiar girl.

Are all magic shows cursed to devolve into murder?

The Rite of Turnabout

Gray brown image of an empty court room

Phoenix's vacation continues when he finally gets to meet Maya again. Too bad that she's accused of murder. Again.

Turnabout Storyteller

Gray brown image of an empty court room

Apollo continues holding the fort back in Japanifornia and takes on a client referred by Athena's old friend.

Turnabout Revolution

Gray brown image of an empty court room

What begins as a civil lawsuit about an ancient orb quickly devolves into a murder trial.

And that's before the very foundation of a country is shaken.

Phoenix Wright: Asinine Attorney

Gray brown image of an empty court room

A short skit where Phoenix, under terrorist threat, tries to prove that Pearl is the true princess of Kura'in.

Apollo Justice: Asinine Attorney

Gray brown image of an empty court room

A short skit where Apollo has to figure out where Rayfa wants to spend another day vacationing.

Turnabout Time Traveler

Gray brown image of an empty court room

The gang is back together for a mystery about time-travel, airships and a wedding.

The Adventure of the Great Departure

Gray brown image of an empty court room

Ryonsuke is accused of killing visiting professor John Watson Wilson.

The Adventure of the Unbreakable Speckled Band

Gray brown image of an empty court room

Thanks to a certain famous detective, Ryonsuke is accused of murdering his travel compatriot on a ship heading for England.

The Adventure of the Runaway Room

Gray brown image of an empty court room

Rhyuonsuke and Susato haven't even found a place to stay in London when they are given their first court case.

The case? A murder in a moving stage coach.

The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro

Gray brown image of an empty court room

The start of Natsume Souski's troubles in London.

The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story

Gray brown image of an empty court room

A commotion in a pawnshop leads to a murder. But something bigger lurks in the background.

The Adventure of the Blossoming Attorney

Gray brown image of an empty court room

Susato is alone in Japan when her friend is accused of murder.

Only one possible option exists: Pretend to be an attorney and defend her. Only one slight hitch: females are forbidden from even being in the court room.

The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro

Gray brown image of an empty court room

The continuation of Souski's troubles in London.

Just what is the supposed curse of his room about?

The Return of the Great Departed Soul

Gray brown image of an empty court room

It is finally time for the world's fair. An exciting scientific invention is being exhibited.

Too bad that the demonstration succeeds? with lethal results.

Twisted Karma and His Last Bow

Gray brown image of an empty court room

Everyone has barely gathered themselves after the reveals of the last episode when disaster strikes.

As if it wasn't enough to see a familiar face in the deck, the victim is another familiar face.

The Resolve of Naruhodou Ryuunosuke

Gray brown image of an empty court room

The story from the previous episode returns to the courtroom. It is time for all to be revealed.