Court-Records: An Ace Attorney Fansite

Important information about this in-development beta

Welcome to the beta!

We in the redesign team are proud to present this beta of the redesign. We hope to bring into the current century while also offering many new features.

We hope that you enjoy the new design, while still feeling that you are a member of the best Ace Attorney fansite online.

As you should have surmised when you saw the "beta" label, we aren't quite finished with the redesign. Some parts of the site are flat out ugly. We figured that you guys wouldn't mind some less than perfect pages for a chance to see the overall look and feel.

However, while the layout is indeed not finished, we believe that most parts of the functionality are. But we know that the code hasn't been hit by the public at large yet. We aren't stupid; we know that there will be surprises for both us and you. We ask that you report all error messages that you see so that we can fix them in this topic.

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