Court-Records: An Ace Attorney Fansite

Important information about this in-development beta

Site Staff


Php and mysql developer / Flash guru / IRC admin / amateur reverse engineer / cytube admin. He is responsible for the code that runs the site. He is the guy to send your complaints to when you stumble upon an error message.

He has also extracted a lot of resources from the games.

General Luigi

General Luigi's the main forum administrator these days, so if you need to know something about the forum, he's probably the person you should ask. He's not as active a poster as he used to be, but he still makes an effort to be online regularly just in case someone has a question they need answered, a post they need deleted, etc.

If you need to reach him outside of Court Records (for example, if you've been banned), his Skype address is generalluigitbc. Sometimes bots send him contact requests, though, so if you're trying to contact him, please make sure to mention your CR username when sending the contact request.


Gerkuman is a 20-something aspiring video game developer who got onto the staff team when they needed an RP mod and got promoted to Admin during the Great Forum Downtime. He loves the Oddworld series more than is strictly necessary and makes a good chilli. Loves nearly every Ace Attorney character other than the bellboy (Boo, hiss).

Bad Player

Bad Player generally prowls the subforums about the Ace Attorney games themselves, although he also often wanders off into other parts of The Great CR Kingdom. He likes reading mysteries, watching mysteries, solving mysteries, thinking of mysteries, and creating mysteries. You can also often find him in the mythical far-away land of Ace Attorney Online, if you ever happen to visit.


Toatali is Court Records's resident news hound, bringing those famously mean-spirited British jounalistic tendencies to the world of reporting on a video game about anime lawyers. He was promoted into this position by begging for a role as a moderator on the sites's old Discord server, and then getting Bolt drunk enough to give him the password to the CR twitter account. Despite this, he's objectively everyone's favourite (with a u) member of the CR team.


Lumos is the copywriting manager, and also apparently the webmaster or something. She tries very hard to be functional and at least succeeds enough to not get kicked off the team.


Cyreb is our latest web designer. Blame him if something looks ugly.