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Feature and styling suggestions

I still have some really looking around the site to do, but my immediate response to the overall design is that I like the sidebar but it is so wide that the rest of the page (i.e. the content you came for) feels crowded and shoved over into a smaller space. Since none of the actual text in the sidebar links gets too long you could definitely stand to thin it up like 10-20px and not lose out on anything over there.

I do really like that everything is clearly labeled and creating an account (as I did to make this post. Boy why didn't I make an account years ago....) was super easy to find and do, so that's a plus! (And maybe it's just because I'm working on an Apollo cosplay at the moment but the color scheme reminds me of him haha. That's neither here nor there, just an observation.)

It'd be nice if there was a conspicuous way to head back to a parent page where you clicked a link. It'd also be nice to see some headers, so you can at least know what page you were on before you go in too deep to come back out.

I've been largely ignoring the issue of navigating up, since I'm the oddball that has a browser that supports the <link> element (there are extensions for everyone else if you'd like). There are up <links> for many pages. But to be honest, it's not really my department to deal with navigation design.

So you know how to old court records had the aai and aai2 characters on two different pages? well can we just have it like the phoenix trilogy & have both aai games characters on one page? also I'm sure this will still be in but, can we get the mugshots for selecting the characters? That's really convenient.


Breadcrumb navigation in the sidebar would be awesome! I was mostly suggesting better navigation in terms of the forum, but thinking about it breadcrumbs in any of the pages that are sorted hierarchically by series/game (like the episodes section) would help out a lot, too.

Dividing the nav links into 2 columns per heading could help make the sidebar a little shorter, but it might look too cluttered that way, so it's your call. Unfortunately that's all I've got for space-saving solutions without cutting content, and FWIW I'd rather have functional navigation than get rid of the ugly scrollbar if doing both isn't an option.