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ImageNameRelease DateBarcodePage CountLanguage
Gyakuten Saiban Manual978-457516289963Japanese
Gyakuten Saiban 2 Manual978-4575163568143Japanese
Gyakuten Saiban 3 Manual978-4575164190239Japanese
Gyakuten Saiban: Yomigaeru Gyakuten Official Complete Guide978-4575164466191Japanese
Gyakuten Saiban 2 Official Complete Guide978-4862330956111Japanese
Gyakuten Saiban 3 Official Complete Guide978-4862331519111Japanese
Gyakuten Saiban 4 Official Complete Guide978-4757736078239Japanese
Gyakuten Saiban Fanbook by MediaWorks978-4840224468111Japanese
Gyakuten Saiban Fanbook: Naruhodo Gyakuten Saiban!978-4797335569144Japanese
Gyakuten Saiban Official Fanbook95Japanese
Gyakuten Saiban Official Fanbook 2112Japanese
Gyakuten Saiban Official Fanbook 365Japanese
Gyakuten Saiban Postcard Book978-490658298336Japanese
The Art of Gyakuten Saiban486233153X240Japanese
Gyakuten Saiban Official Anthology Comic (Naruhodou Version)978-4862330390144Japanese
Gyakuten Saiban Official Anthology Comic (Naruhodou Version 2)144Japanese
Gyakuten Saiban Official Anthology Comic (Mitsurugi Version)978-4862330406144Japanese
Gyakuten Saiban Official Anthology Comic (Mitsurugi Version 2)128Japanese
Gyakuten Saiban Anthology 4 Koma Kingdom I & II978-4575938470Japanese
Gyakuten Saiban 3 4 Koma Kingdom978-4575938876Japanese
Gyakuten Saiban Anthology Kingdom4575938475Japanese
Gyakuten Saiban Comic AnthologyJapanese
Gyakuten Saiban 4 Official Anthology ComicJapanese
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: The Phoenix Wright Files978-0345503558304English
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: The Miles Edgeworth Files978-0345503565288English
Stylus and Objection Screen Cleaner / DS StrapJapanese
Gyakuten Saiban Court FiguresJapanese
Gyakuten Saiban Bust FiguresJapanese
Gyakuten Saiban Business Card HolderJapanese
Godot's Coffee MugJapanese
Pencil BoardJapanese
Pin SetsJapanese
Naruhodou and Mitsurugi NotepadsJapanese
Naruhodou Mini DollJapanese
Blue Badger and Larry ShirtsJapanese
GS4 ShirtJapanese
Gyakuten Saiban 4 CalendarJapanese
Gyakuten Saiban 4 BraceletsJapanese
Gyakuten Saiban 4 Odoroki NotepadJapanese
Gyakuten Saiban 4 Kyouya NotepadJapanese
Gyakuten Saiban 4 Pencil BoardJapanese
Gyakuten Saiban 4 ClearfileJapanese
Odoroki Cell Phone StrapJapanese
Psyche-Lock / Magatama Cell Phone StrapJapanese
Garyuu Wave PendantJapanese
Takita's "Bad Badger" ShirtJapanese
"CD Style" Postcard SetJapanese
Gyakuten Saiban Card CaseJapanese
Gyakuten Saiban Playing CardsJapanese
Phoenix / Apollo KeyringJapanese
Edgeworth TeacupsJapanese
Godot Mug 2Japanese
Blue Badger StrapJapanese
Edgeworth StickersJapanese
Gyakuten Kenji T-shirtJapanese
Edgeworth CandleJapanese
Metal BookmarksJapanese
File Folders: Edgeworth / KayJapanese
File Folders: Franziska / RouJapanese
Blue Badger Key CoverJapanese
Steel Samurai Key CoverJapanese
Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations 1978-1935429999176English
Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations 2978-1935429982224English
Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations 3978-1612620961208English
Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations 4978-1612620978208English
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 1978-1935429692208English
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 2978-1935429708240English
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 3978-1935429715192English
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 4978-1935429722208English
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 5978-1935429616200English