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Turnabout Goodbyes

Manfred von Karma is in the background with an evil sneer, reaching out to grab Miles Edgeworth's head. Edgeworth is distressed with a hand on his head. The Old Man is playing with his parrot to the left of Edgeworth. Lotta Hart is looking intensely at a ghostly image of Gourdy with her camera and binoculars at the ready.

When a dead body turns up in a river, Phoenix takes on the most unlikely of clients; his own rival, Miles Edgeworth. Can the rookie lawyer take down Manfred von Karma, the genius prosecutor with a 40 year perfect record? And what is Edgeworth hiding?

Day 1 - Investigation
Day 2 - Trial
Day 2 - Investigation
Day 3 - Trial
Day 3 - Investigation
Day 4 - Trial