Court-Records: An Ace Attorney Fansite

Important information about this in-development beta

General feedback thread

Got something that isn't a bug, feature, or styling suggestion? Or maybe you just want to sound off in general about the redesign as it goes along? Consider this an open feedback thread to chat about the redesign in general.

First impression, NICE.

This is a much-needed update and even in beta form the layout and navigation look like they're going to be much more polished and functional, especially with the forum seamlessly integrated into the main site. Extra points for the responsive design, it's really nice that the nav bar automatically tucks away on smaller screens and forum posts are rearranged to be more readable.

Still clicking around, but I'm really excited to see this taking shape. Great work!

EDIT: Holy guacamole, and am I seeing automatic hyphenated line breaks? A+

If anyone needs more info on character profiles and differences between versions, feel free to refer to my blog at

In celebration of C-R's next step up, I'll get back to work on that stuff. Cheers!

@Marshmello I'm glad you like the site so far! Making the site responsive and ensuring it works well on mobile has definitely been a focus of the redesign, and yes the power of modern CSS does magical things like automatic hyphenation (I just wish Chrome would get around to supporting it...).