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Bug stomping

Haha, I have almost the same problem.

Area: Functionality

Page: Profile/Edit Avatar

Issue: Tried changing my avatar to something in my phone's library (it was one of the twitter icons from the official site, I think). The error looks different from the one that normally pops up when the picture you're trying to use is too big.

Do not read this:

Normal message when image is too big:

It wouldn't go away after I named it and shoved a .png extension on it, either.

Edit because apparently I can't technology: error was "Missing argument 3 for ImageSizeException::__-construct(), called in /home/cr3oh/public_html/libs/image-Field.php on line 212 and defined". Normal error is "Image is too large (236 or whatever, 264 or whatever), limit is (200 x 200)!"

Browser: Safari

OS: iOS 9.3.1

Status: Fixed

... Ho hum, I may have found another problem while reporting that one. I'll edit this if it doesn't change from the preview.

EDIT: nvm it appears to be more my error than coding error, but just in case,

Area: Style/functionality

Page: Forum posting


  1. the images aren't popping up on mobile. Might be due to size, though.
  2. Spoiler code is popping up strangely. It appears as "Do not read this" rather than the usual box. That might be due to the change in BBCode, though.

Browser: Safari

OS: iOS 9.3.1

The extension issue is a design error on my part. Fixed all errors up til this post now.

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