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Turnabout Goodbyes - Cutscenes

Middle of Gourdy Lake at night with fog and a shadowy boat with a person on it A person aims a gun forward from the hip. Only the gun, hand, and hip are seen Edgeworth looks down in surprise at a gun in his hand Overhead view of Larry Butz looking up in surprise at an air tank launching into the sky with a Steel Samurai balloon and string of flags The air tank, Steel Samurai balloon, and string of flags crashing into Gourd Lake Larry Butz on a row boat looking at the deflated Steel Samurai balloon and string of flags floating in Gourd Lake with a flashlight Newspaper article about Gourdy, with a picture of a couple in front of Gourd Lake and a shadowy figure in the lake Edgeworth and a gunman in a boat on Gourd Lake, where the gunman is shooting the lake Photo of two people in a boat on Gourd Lake from a distance, where the person on the right is holding a gun Close up photo of two people on a boat in Gourd Lake, where the person on the left is firing a gun. Neither can be distinguished Yanni Yogi is in his shack, aiming a gun at a frightened Robert Hammond. Polly the parrot is in the background. The class trial, where kid Phoenix Wright is at the stand, the prosecution and defense kids are on either side, and the teacher and two judge kids are up front Kid Phoenix is standing in front of a bench, crying Kid Edgeworth is objecting, with his finger outstretched Kid Larry Butz is leaning back in his chair, wearing a smirk and scratching his nose with his right index finger Inside an elevator, Gregory Edgeworth is sitting on the left, Yanni Yogi looking like he's choking in the center, and kid Miles Edgeworth on the right Kid Miles Edgeworth is shouting and throwing a gun Manfred von Karma is standing in the elevator door hole and holding a gun End of game celebration, from left to right: Ghost Mia looking pleased, Larry looking sad for being behind Maya, Maya smiling and holding a sign that says Victory in front of Phoenix, Phoenix looking slightly flustered at Maya, Edgeworth smiling and looking a Phoenix, and Gumshoe with a large smile and throwing confetti Maya walking toward a train, looking backwards happily and crying