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Eyeris Sleuth

By: KirbySage18

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Entrant's Name: Kirbysage18
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Character's Name: Eyeris Sleuth (Eye = Detectives have a good eye, Sleuth = Detective, similar wording to sloth)
Age: 31
Occupation: Interpol Detective
Brief Physical Description: She has long silver hair, wears a black suit and a red inner shirt. Black boots and black pants.
Brief Personality Description: Eyeris is lazy. Very lazy. She's nearly sloth incarnate. She hates doing anything related to work unless she's can have any modicum of enjoyment. Her activity of choice is smoking while playing a portable gaming console. Smoking in particular is one of the only things that brings her true peace. The only reason that she's still a detective is due to her being scarily efficient at her job. And a big reason of her laziness is the fact that her son died in an accident years prior, causing a short period of depression.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Nonce.
Brief Background: Eyeris was, even as a child, a lazy gaming child. However, those two traits were significantly less amplified. She got through school and found herself a husband at the relatively young age of 24, with them having a child a year later. That husband was also what got her into law and detective work. However, one day, while she was at home, her son had died by an accident and her husband had gone missing. Due to this, she went through a small period of depression, and her laziness and gaming significantly amplified. She eventually got over it, however, by picking up smoking. Since her son's death (which also happened to be his birthday), she has never failed to go to his tomb on his anniversary.

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