Court-Records: An Ace Attorney Fansite

Important information about this in-development beta

Site Staff

It might be hard to believe, but there is only a handful of people behind this site.


Our server owner.

Runs a farm and works as a DJ on the weekends.


Founder of the site. She's rumored to be deeply involved in a sinister potato syndicate.


Php and mysql developer / Flash guru / IRC admin / amateur reverse engineer / cytube admin. He is responsible for the code that runs the site. He is the guy to send your complaints to when you stumble upon an error message.

He has also extracted a lot of resources from the games.

Wrote most of the copy for this beta, if you're wondering why it's more direct than usual.


Our latest web designer. Blame him if something looks ugly.


Forum admin and lead copywriter. Still trying to figure out how to assign work to the copywriters.


Our image alt text guy. He is the guy who writes the alt texts for all the images on the site.

Bolt Storm

Also an admin. Sometimes posts news. Sometimes sleeps. Sometimes sacrifices one for the other.

General Luigi

Another forum admin. Puts up with more than he deserves, given the salary around here.