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OCC2018 - Sprite - Dustin Dorne

Poster: SuperAj3



Submitted by: SuperAj3


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Name: Dustin Dorne

Age: 16

Occupation: Farm hand

Brief Description: Dustin is a very chipper lad with big dreams and an even bigger optimistic attitude.
He loves helping his family out on the farm, and will never give up on anything that he encounters.
A little too passionate to a fault, he will constantly keep sewing his overalls back up whenever they tear, and even ended up putting a zipper on the back so they won't fall down. He has a pet pig named Pepper, whom he has trained to do tricks, and to help him out around the farm.

He's acquainted with Billy Bob Jenkins (AKA: Max Galactica) whose family lives at a nearby farm.

Name Meaning: Sounds like "From Dust 'till dawn" because he's working all day.


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