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Turnabout Sisters - Cutscenes

Mia Fey is sitting dead against the wall and Maya Fey is kneeling next to her, looking at her, and crying April May is getting room service from the Bellboy, where both are smiling The Thinker statue held at an angle by a gloved hand Mia Fey is holding hands to her face in fear with speed lines approaching her face Redd White smashing the Thinker downward with an evil expression on his face Mia Fey dodges to the left, observed outside the window Mia Fey dodges to the right, observed outside the window April May calls the police from her window, visibly disturbed and shouting Phoenix and Maya shake hands in their office, with ghost Mia resting her hands on top of theirs. Mia looks pleased and Maya is happy with closed eyes, while Phoenix is surprised by Mia's presence