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Larry Butz


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English Name
Larry Butz
Japanese Name
矢張政志 (Masashi Yahari)
French Name
Paul Defès
177 cm


There is a popular saying about Larry:

"When something smells it's usually the butz."

This is due to his tendency to get into trouble anywhere he goes.

The reasons for trouble varies, but nearly always bottoms in falling in love with a girl.

Larry seems to be stuck in a loop:

  1. Get dumped by old girl. Alternatively: Have old girl killed.
  2. Fall in love with a new girl.
  3. Do crazy thing for new girl, never with her knowledge.
  4. Get into trouble for doing said crazy thing. Usually the "accused of murder" kind of trouble.
  5. Get name cleared by one of his childhood friends.

Friends and relatives
Phoenix Wrightfriend

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