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Cindy Stone

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English Name
Cindy Stone
Japanese Name
高日 美佳 (Mika Takabi)


Cindy Stone was the victim in The First Turnabout. She was a model whom recurring character Larry Butz dated for an unspecified amount of time before the case. Though she ultimately broke up with him, she kept a memento of their relationship in the form of a handcrafted clock made to resemble The Thinker.

Due to her low income, Cindy had to rely on “sugar daddies” to support her lifestyle, apparently even while she was dating Larry.

A day after returning from a photo shoot in Paris, Cindy caught Frank Sahwit robbing her apartment. Panicking, Sahwit struck her on the head with “The Thinker.” She died from blood loss soon after. Sahwit attempted to frame Larry, whom he had recently seen in the area, for Cindy’s death, though Phoenix Wright managed to expose Sahwit as the real killer in court.

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