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Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney Magical Mystery Music

The opening theme of Professor Layton VS Gyakuten Saiban
About Town ~ VS Arrange ver.
Puzzles 8
A Strange Story ~ VS Arrange ver.
Labyrinth City
Pinch! ~ VS Arrange ver.
A Calm Afternoon ~ VS Arrange ver.
An Uneasy Atmosphere ~ VS Arrange ver.
Suspicion ~ VS Arrange ver.
The Lost Forest ~ VS Arrange ver.
Ink Workshop
The Town History ~ VS Arrange ver.
Professor Layton Theme 1 ~ VS Arrange ver.
The City At Night
A Quiet Time ~ VS Arrange ver.
Suspense ~ VS Arrange ver.
Mahoney's Theme ~ Memory
Puzzles 6 ~ VS Arrange ver.
The Professor's Deductions ~ VS Arrange ver.
The Buried Ruins
Tension ~ VS Arrange ver.
The Story Teller's Tower
Puzzles 5 ~ VS Arrange ver.
The Hidden Garden
Defendant Lobby ~ Beginning Prelude
Ace Attorney ~ Court Begins
Logic and Trick
Cross-Examination ~ Moderato
Phoenix Wright ~ Objection!
Cross-Examination ~ Allegro
Tell The Truth
Pursuit ~ Cornered
Won the Case! ~ The First Victory
In the Shadows ~ The Witches' Prelude
Witch Trial ~ Court Begins
The Stake's Witnesses
Jeeken Barnrod ~ Labyrinth Knight
Mob Cross-Examination ~ Moderato
Logic And Baroque
Straying ~ Suspense
Phoenix Wright ~ Objection! 2012
Mob Cross-Examination ~ Allegro
Tell The Truth 2012
Theme of the United Front
The Courtroom's Magician
Recollection ~ Bewitched Fate
Farce ~ Naive People
Recollection ~ Golden Revelation
Mist Belduke ~ Twilight Memories
The Great Witch's Judgment ~ Court Begins
Omen ~ Footfalls of Turnabout
The Ruler and the Alchemist
Seal ~ Locked-Away Darkness
Recollection ~ The Legendary Great Fire
Pursuit ~ Casting Magic
The Final Witness
Turnabout Sister's Theme ~ Music Box ver.
The Witches' Theme ~ Chase
Rainy night
The Witches' Theme ~ Assault
The magic book
That Case
The Story Teller's Theme ~ Parade
Judgment ~ Witch Trial
A Mysterious Fire
The Bell Tower's Arrival
Sorrowful Golden Statue
Rescue And Retribution
A Familiar Face
Into The Ruins
A Faint Voice
Garyuu ~ Roar
Confrontation ~ The Titanic Knights
Professor Layton's Theme 2 ~ VS Arrange ver.
Sealed Memories
Garyuu ~ Creation
Mahoney's Theme ~ Truth
The Light of Truth
The ending theme of Professor Layton VS Gyakuten Saiban