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Gyakuten Kenji Soundtrack

Gyakuten Kenji - Prologue
Investigation ~ Opening 2009
Investigation ~ Middle 2009
Investigation ~ Contradiction At the Crime Scene
Logic ~ The Way to the Truth
Investigation ~ Core 2009
Confrontation ~ Moderate 2009
Trick and Gimmick
Miles Edgeworth ~ Objection! 2009
Confrontation ~ Allegro 2009
Confess the Truth 2009
Trick and Baroque
Confrontation ~ Presto 2009
Pursuit ~ Wanting to Get The Truth
Jingle ~ Slight Break
Kay Faraday ~ The Thief Who Steals Truth
Shiryu Rou ~ As The Roushi Say!
Yatagarasu ~ The Noble Thief Who Dances Through The Night
Turnabout Airline
Zinc White ~ Time is Money
Wakana Shiraoto ~ Good Night
Doubted People
Kidnapped Turnabout ~ Overture to Kidnapping
Blue Badger march ~ Bando Land Theme
Kidnapped Turnabout ~ The Tragedy of the Horror House
Noisy People
Interesting People
Reminiscence ~ False Relations
Reproducing the scene ~ A Noble Thief's Secret Weapon
The Court ~ Guardians of the Law
Departed Turnabout
Ittetsu Badou ~ The Truth is Severe
Himiko Kazura ~ Let me Laugh Coolly
Reminiscence ~ KG-8 Case
Crises of Fate
Dick Gumshoe ~ I can do it when it counts, pal!
Turnabout, Up In Flames
Two Embassies ~ The Countries of the Butterfly and the Flower
Reminiscence ~ Separated Countries
Carnage Onred ~ The Enemy Who Surpasses the Law
Solution! ~ Splendid Deduction
Great Revival ~ Miles Edgeworth 2009
Prosecutor's Murmur ~ Promise to Meet Again