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The Crimson Badger

By: ninthcompanion

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Entrant's Name: Ninth/Goomy (ninthcompanion)
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Character's Name: Alexi Plectra
Age: 19 (during this fic), 26 (present)
Occupation: Bassist of the Gavinners, Defense Attorney

Brief Physical Description:

Under the concert lights, there’s no mistaking it: Alexi Plectra is a bonafide rockstar. He spends hours in the dressing room styling his fiery voluminous locks, sparing just enough time to tune his bass, slip on his signature shades, and hit the stage. Much like his bandmates, he sports an outfit that really puts the “V” in “Gavinners” -- his warm orange shirt always has the collar popped and zipper pulled down just enough to accentuate his upper chest. He completes the look with a sharp black jacket, sleek black pants, and some sweet maroon kicks that hug tight just over the knees. And of course, nothing says “Achtung, baby!” like a bright yellow caution tape belt -- it even comes in handy for emergencies!

What stands out more than Alexi’s fashion, however, is the scar on his face -- it spans across the bridge of his nose and upper cheekbones, never hidden by makeup. Alexi always tells interviewers the same thing, sparing any details: he wears the scar proudly as a symbol of his commitment to justice.

Brief Personality Description:

Raised on a steady diet of Jammin’ Ninja flicks and comic books, Alexi has always believed there’s a hero in everybody if they try -- and it’s that exact mantra that helped him pass the bar to become a defense attorney. Whether he’s in court working cases or onstage playing basses, Alexi strikes that match of hotheaded passion in his heart and lets it burn bright… for better or worse. Sometimes, it lands him in more trouble than he bargains for. Still, he usually manages to buckle down and think his way out of it, especially where it counts.

At times, he can also be a bit of a pushover -- especially when it comes to what his friends want or expect from him.

Connection to canon characters:

Alexi has known Daryan Crescend most of his life -- they played music together as kids.

It was by chance that Alexi faced off against Klavier Gavin in his first case eight years ago. Their meeting led to Alexi and Daryan’s entry into The Gavinners.

Brief Background:

Alexi was inspired to become a defense attorney by both the Jammin' Ninja and his mother's unjust imprisonment for a crime she didn't commit. Along his path, he faced off with Klavier Gavin in court -- the two became fast friends after that trial, and it was then that both he and Daryan Crescend formally joined The Gavinners. He's been rockin' out with them ever since.

WARNING: Contains spoilers for AAI1/Miles Edgeworth: Investigations (1). Proceed with caution!

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