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Catching Up Between Cousins

Chapter 1: Adding to the Number

"Well... Mr. Wright never said we couldn't have any sweets. After all, Maya and Pearl's visiting, they love sweets!"

Running across the street towards where the bakery was, she passed by many people.

When she passed by one in particular, they reached out for her hand.

With Widget showing a surprised look following Athena, the stranger pulled her towards them.

As she was about to turn around and began to question the person that had the nerve to interrupt her sweets hunt, the stranger spoke.

"Cousin, is that you?"

Recognizing the voice, she turned around.

“It IS you! It’s been so long!” the stranger continued on.

They went in to give her a big hug.

“...I can see you really didn’t change much, Gemini.”

Her expression softened as she returned the hug briefly before breaking off.

“What brings you around here, anyway? And how’s your sis doing?”

She immediately sensed noise in his heart as Gemini’s expression turned a bit sad.

“Long story short, many things happened, and because those things happened, I took it upon myself to work to become a great defense attorney. I actually got recommended to go check out the Wright Anything Agency, partially because you worked there.”

His expression softened up again.

“It’s been such a long time, we really need to catch up Athena.”

While she was still sensing noise in his heart, she tried to put up a small smile as they walked into the bakery together.

“He’s hiding something, and he skipped my question about his twin sister. What happened between the last time we’ve seen each other all those years ago and now?”

The two eventually got what they needed and began to walk back to the office.
Gemini suddenly put his sunglasses on.

“What’s wrong?”

“Athena, one of the reasons I was able to become a defense attorney at this age was because of something I was able to do. I can actually see a person’s true emotions, and these shades here help me better pinpoint it.”

He then motioned toward a small child.

“You can hear it, the child’s distress?”

She gave a small nod as the two approached her.

“Is anything the matter?” Gemini asked.

“N-no, I’m fine…”

While her expression didn’t change to anything out of the ordinary, he sensed something wasn’t right.

“Hm, it seems like this poor girl’s lost her mother somewhere, bro!”

“You’re lost, aren’t you?”

Athena and the girl was surprised by Gemini's guess as the girl gave a nod.

“Don’t worry, we’ll help you find her!”

He took her hand as he began the search.

“It seems as though he read her mind!” Widget noted.

“That’s true.” Athena added

After about an hour, they found her mother and the two began to head back to the office again.

When they finally got onto their floor, Athena spoke.

“Hey, that's pretty impressive back there!”

Gemini stopped.

“You asked about my sister earlier, right?”

She froze.

“This is it, I can finally hear about what happened with her!”

“I might as well not keep you waiting.” Gemini finally decided.

The atmosphere grew tense as he continued to speak.

“Not long after the last time we saw each other, something happened to Lila. She was such a nice person, you didn’t think anyone would try to hurt her, right?”

She shook her head.

“Since I could remember, she always was nice to people. ‘Treat people how you want to be treated’, that was her motto. She was the one that brought life to everywhere we went. That never changed, even after the last time I saw her.”

“Exactly. A few days after our last meeting, someone poisoned her. She died shortly after.”

Athena suddenly felt deep dread.

“An investigation ensued over her death. ‘Who murdered her?’, I kept asking the officers. They didn’t have answers. Before I knew it, the day for the trial arrived. I saw the lawyers do their thing, and eventually got a conviction. What set me off though, was their way of thinking. Their whole performance just screamed, ‘Perfect records and just getting their paycheck!’”

He clenched his fists.

“They treated me and my sister like dirt, like we were just their paycheck to them. That’s why I took it upon myself to become someone people can look up to, to rely on, to be there when no one else is. Isn’t that something your agency stands for?”

Staring at him, she didn’t know what to say.

“Even in the worst of times, a lawyer shows their biggest smile. Mr. Wright would tell me and Apollo that all the time. It’s something we all stand for, and something I’m sure Apollo still does even if he’s not here right now.” Athena told him with a smile.

They got to the door, with Athena’s hand on the knob.

“Now, are you ready to meet your new family?”

Opening the door, they were shocked to see a mess of papers everywhere as Pearl was chasing Trucy around and left both Phoenix and Maya to picking the mess up.

“I guess this was bad timing on our end huh?” he tried to laugh off as he noticed the duo by the door.

Also noticing the bags in their hands, the two stood up from the mess.

“If you two don’t come here and introduce yourselves to the newest member right now, then you won’t get any of the pastries Athena bought!” Phoenix warned.

In an instant, the two younger members appeared in front of them.

“Pleasure to meet you, sir. I’m Pearl!” she said with a bright smile.

Trucy took a small bow.

“I’m Trucy, daughter of Mr. Wright here and magician in training!”

“Maya, veteran assistant to Nick and a bit of a veteran of getting arrested!” she joked.

The others began to laugh.

“We already talked over the phone. Nice to meet you, I’m Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney. Call me what you will, and welcome aboard Gemini!”

“It’s a pleasure to meet all of you! Now, I think one more person needs to introduce herself too!”

Pulling off his shades and showing a wide grin, he pushed a button to the side of them.

What then projected was a girl who looked a lot like Gemini.

“L-LILA?!” Athena stammered in shock.

She smiled.

“Long time, no see Athena! Hello everybody, I’m Lila, Gemini’s twin sister, spirit assistant.”

Everyone stared at her.

“I see, you two still managed to stick around, even after that case.” Athena sighed.

Phoenix thought about his own mentor for a second, then smiled.

“Well, now that we’re here…” Gemini started.

The two wore a sly grin.

“We will now reveal all of your deepest secrets. No use hiding your auras if we can both see them!” Lila declared.

The four began to panic as Athena collapsed on the floor and sighed.

“A twin brother who uses his twin sister’s spirit to help him see the auras of people and read them. If they can find peace by helping people and working here though, who am I to complain?”

She looked on as the twins chased the others around.

“Wait, we just want to read your secrets!” Gemini yelled after them.