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Catching Up Between Cousins

By: starfyhero

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Entrant's Name: Starfyhero
Entrant's Website (optional):
Character's Name: Gemini Stellar
Age: 17
Occupation: Newbie defense attorney
Brief Physical Description:
-Being about as tall as Athena
-Rather on the slim side
-short red-orange hair with long bangs on either side of his face and 3 smaller ones covering his forehead
-bright orange suit
-has matching orange shades on top of his head (think Ema)
Brief Personality Description:
-really cheery
-somewhat insecure, especially around events reminding him of his past
-may space out from time to time, claims to hear voices
Connection to canon characters (if applicable):
Brief Background: With a bit of a cheeriness to brighten someone's day as well as a bit of an insecure side, Gemini decided to take it upon himself to become a defense attorney. That, and for a reason due to something tragic that happened during his childhood, not long after the last time he's seen Athena. Since meeting again, he looks up to her a lot like a sister, I wonder why...?

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