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Turnabout Mockingbird

Chapter 4: Chapter 4

Sunday, June 1st

Foley's Mansion - Main Entryway

Apollo was exhausted by the time they made it to the crime scene. Trucy had run most of the way while he had trudged behind, a mass of sweat and loose papers. Things only got worse when they neared the place; there was about a ten yard radius of reporters surrounding the house that refused to disperse.

They pushed through the mass of the media and the lawyer collapsed against the wall as soon as the door shut behind him, to the dismay of his partner. "Come on! We didn't come all this way so you could sit and watch the police investigate." Her hands were on her hips and she was pouting, though he was too busy catching his breath to care.

"It seems that someone would rather strengthen his vocal chords than his legs, Fraulein."

A hand appeared in her shoulder and she turned to face its owner. "Prosecutor Gavin!"

"Ja." He grinned before turning to Apollo. "I see we shall battle in court once again, Herr Forehead."

The lawyer simply nodded. Once he had enough air, he opened his mouth to respond only to be cut off by the glimmerous prosecutor.

"It's nice to have the crowd of reporters be for someone else for once."

Apollo flopped. "I wouldn't really know what that would be like."

"Ach. I forgot that most of the time the reporters are there to shout insults at you."

The prosecutor at least seemed to be genuinely sorry. Thanks. I really needed that encouragement.

The reporters were starting to get desperate enough to try and pick the lock on the door, so Klavier went to resolve the situation, leaving the pair with a map and a smile.

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Well, I guess it's time to get investigating.


Sunday, June 1st

Foley's Mansion - Kitchen

They didn't need to rely on the map to find the crime scene; they could hear Ema's crunching from a mile away. It was loud and fast, so the two -- especially Apollo -- approached with caution. When they arrived they could also hear her mumbling to herself, "-- And of course the glimmerous fop can't get enough of these horrible reporters..."

In the split second before she turned around he almost left, but then she saw him. "Oh, it's you." She sighed, her rose colored glasses sliding down her nose. "Look, I'm just gonna tell you: I have express orders from the Chief Prosecutor not to let you stay here for more than 15 minutes if you've been seen by the reporters. I'm really supposed to get you out as soon as I can so people don't think you're messing with the crime scene. But if you fix my broken Luminol bottle I'll let you investigate."

She handed the stunned lawyer a very normal looking bottle. "Uh... What's wrong with it?"

"The nozzle is clogged," she said as she stuffed the bag of snacks into her pocket. The other hand gripped her purse tightly.

"Ooh, ooh, Polly, let me do it!" Trucy snatched the bottle from him and started fiddling with it. "I've been working on a new magic trick kind of like this, so maybe… There!" There was a very wide spray of Luminol as she squeezed the trigger; most of it ended up on Apollo's face.

…Thanks, Trucy. I really needed that.

"Oh, gosh, what did you do?!" Ema's hand had flown up to her cheek and she had stepped back in horror.

Trucy's face scrunched up. "I only unclogged it like you wanted."

"No, him!" She pointed at the dripping lawyer. "His face is covered in blood residue!"

He flopped. "Oh. I had a bloody nose last night and didn't wake up until it was all over me." The girls giggled. Maybe I should have just said I saved someone from a stabbing or something. Then they wouldn't be laughing.

On the bright side, his humiliation had served to brighten the scientific detective's mood. She grinned at them, her extra pair of pink glasses in hand. "So, wanna look?"

He snatched them as she began to spray around the floor and slid them on, enveloped into a world full of red and blue… lots of blue. There was a large, bright splotch of it that was visible without the goggles, since the stain hadn’t been wiped away, as well as a bit of splatter and a few dots here and there. The countertops remained red except for some trails of blue dots that led to the sink, which itself gave off a pale blue light.

"That sure is a lot of blood residue in the sink." Trucy, who had produced her own glasses, was standing next to him and observing.

"Yeah, and that sponge is bright blue, too. I'd better write that down."

Crime Scene Notes added to the Court Record.

Ema, who had finished drenching the crime scene in Luminol, joined them and pointed out, "Hey, is that some residue over there?" She gestured towards a knife block on the counter, nestled against a wall. Indeed, there was a spot of faded blue in the middle, all over the handle of one of the knives.

Apollo perked up. This might be just the sort of evidence they needed… "Yeah!"

Before Ema could say anything, Trucy ran over and grabbed it. When she pulled it out, as if unsheathing a sword, the blade glowed dimly.

"You're not supposed to disturb the crime scene," the detective muttered, irked.

"Ooh!" Trucy ignored her. "How about we run a fingerprint analysis on this!"

Ema brightened up for a moment, but then sighed. It's still wet with Luminol. I'll have to wait until it's dry." She shrugged.

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"So, I suppose you want some information about the case, huh?" She was still a little glum, and kept glancing towards the knife on the counter. "Ask away."

"Uh," Apollo said. He was a bit taken aback; it was usually hard to get information out of her. "Well, who's the witness for tomorrow?"

She stopped staring at the counter. "Her name is Russi Clover; she's the author of the original book."

Trucy gasped. "You mean we'll be cross-examining Candy Holly?"

Ema smirked. "Yup." The lawyer opened his mouth but she cut him off. "And before you ask, no, you can't talk to her now."

Apollo flopped as his partner pouted. "Can you tell us how the scene was found?"

"Sure." The detective fiddled with her glasses. "We arrived last night a little after one o'clock. The body was near the door." She gestured to the white outline, which wasn’t hard to see on the bloodstain, and continued. "The victim, Mrs. Myrtle Marshall, was dead when we arrived. The murder weapon was still in her chest -- a sharp kitchen knife bearing the fingerprints of the defendant, though it doesn't quite match the wound. Our scientific analysis of her blood showed that she was very, very drunk. Her BAC was almost twice the legal limit."

She pulled out some papers and handed them to him. "Here, have this."

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Apollo was about to ask another question when Ema glanced at her watch. "Ah!" she said, hand flying to her cheek. "It's been twenty minutes. Out!" When the lawyer protested she turned him around and started shoving him towards the door.

"Okay, okay, I get it," he grumbled.

The detective let go. "Good. Make sure the reporters see that you leave. Mr. Edgeworth's orders." Her eyes sparkled as if she were using fingerprint powder.

As he opened the door, Trucy, who was skipping behind him, called, "Thanks! See you tomorrow!"

He glanced over his shoulder to see Ema smirking. He flopped.