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Turnabout Mockingbird

By: lumos314

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Entrant's Name: Lumos

Character's Name: Atticus Chase Key

Age: 17

Occupation: Student; Musician at the Wright Anything Agency (Post story)

Brief Physical Description: Chase is average height with hazel eyes and long, brown (and kinda messy) hair. He has a scar along his hairline over his right eye from the accident, but has covered it with his side-swept bangs. He wears a school marching band shirt, along with shorts or jeans and a blue and yellow sweat jacket, depending on the weather. He also carries his trumpet around with him in a hard, black case on his back, along with a pair of drumsticks in his pocket. He has two necklaces; one is a palm-sized ocarina, and the other is a pouch containing his trumpet mouthpiece.

Brief Personality Description: Chase is, first, a musician. He absolutely adores making music and will play whatever instrument he can get his hands on. Usually, this means one of the ones he carries on him -- trumpet, ocarina, or drumsticks -- but if he can find something else, especially a piano, he’ll play that as well.

He has an exceptional memory for small, random details, and can notice things others might not. He could tell you the name of the 15th president, but not what he had for lunch 4 hours ago. Still, he makes use of this ability a lot, namely by referencing everything under the sun, popular media and school subjects alike.

He has ADHD, so he struggles with getting work done and staying on task. When something goes wrong, however, his first instinct is to run. He avoids anything that freaks him out, even if that means other people or homework. It really isn’t the best strategy, as he finds out when panicking leads to a very passionate confrontation with Athena, but he’s working on it.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): He and Trucy met during school, but he becomes connected with the rest of the Agency when his father is accused of murder, and seeks out the lawyers to defend him.

Brief Background: (This section has spoilers for MY STORY only. If you’d rather it not be spoiled, read that first and then come back.)

Chase has had a relatively normal life, for the most part. He and his father are fairly close, even more so now that they are the only ones in the family. His mother was an English teacher who died of cancer when he was young, but left him a series of letters. He reads these, along with the list of books she recommended for him, to remember her, but he has worked through most of his grief on that front.

His sister’s death, however, is still fresh for him. When he was first learning to drive, his sister offered to chaperone his practice. They were driving down the street when a drunk driver, Myrtle Marshall, crossed over the line. He swerved, but crashed into a light post, which killed his sister. He has never been able to forgive himself for that, and has avoided cars as much as possible since then.

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