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We are running around in panic trying to find all the bugs, but at the moment we are simply unable to catch them all.

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After first being teased way back in 2014, First 4 Figures has finally unveiled its Phoenix Wright statue, which opens for pre-orders on Friday 23rd November. You can find out how to pre-order the figure and watch a short video on F4F's website here (but be warned, they're usually on the pricey side). Even if you don't preorder, I think it's a promising sign that we're finally seeing some AA merch widely available outside Japan.

Previews for this week's Famitsu magazine are out, and reveal that the recently announced Ace Attorney Trilogy HD port for PS4, Switch, Xbox One and Steam will be featured in the upcoming issue. We'll have high definition scans of Famitsu when it's out. Furthermore, the English Ace Attorney twitter account has announced that it too will be sharing new details about the upcoming ports, likely the same as what will be shared in Famitsu.

For those in Japan, the release date of the port has been announced as February 21st and e-Capcom has also put up its limited edition versions of the game for Switch and PS4. Depending on which version you buy, it comes with a copy of the game, a soundtrack CD, a drama CD, a mini canvas art piece, a buildable Blue Badger kit and even some Steel Samurai trading cards. You can order them here!


A one hour long prequel episode to the current AA Season 2 is set to air on January 19th at 5.30pm JST. It will reportedly be based on Turnabout Memories. For those in Japan, a special cinema airing of the episode will be shown on the 17th, with special guests Yuki Kaji (Phoenix) and Aoi Yuuki (Maya) talking about the production of the show.

The first Tokyo Game Show Ace Attorney Panel has finished airing, and you can watch it all here. Even if it wasn't quite what some fans hoped for, there were still a number of announcements.

The biggest one was the announcement of a new Ace Attorney Trilogy port, with updated graphics and UI. The game will be released worldwide on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Steam in early 2019. Our post on the port, with trailers and screenshots is here.

A new trailer for the anime's second series, as well as a companion manga were also announced. You can find the new trailer at about 21 minutes into the conference, and we'll post it separately when it becomes available.

Capcom also announced a new orchestral concert to be held on March 30th 2019. Tickets will become available on November 24th.

And of course, we also can't forget the Dai Gyakuten Saiban themed credit card that was also announced for Japan...

Ace Attorney 123HD is coming to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Steam! It will launch early 2019 worldwide, and there will be an eCapcom limited edition in Japan.

The UI and some assets have been updated, and the game now features 10 save data slots. You can watch the English trailer here here, and the Japanese trailer here

Do not read this:

The Tokyo Game Show has just started, and on Saturday 22nd there will be an Ace Attorney related panel streamed live and promising to be 'unmissable'. If you'd like to watch the panel with us, we will be streaming it as always at The panel will be 40 minutes long and starts at 16.00 JST (3.00 EDT, 00.00 PDT, 8.00 BST and 9.00 CEST).

We'd love to see you there to watch the panel unfold and chat about any news with fellow Ace Attorney fans! If you can't make it, any news will be posted here, and on our twitter, tumblr, Discord and new website beta.

There's a new Nintendo Direct today, and we'd love it if you came and watched it with us! We're hosting the stream as usual at The Direct is 35 minutes long and airs at 3pm PT/6pm ET/11pm BST/Midnight CEST. Because of the Ace Attorney event at TGS in a little over a week, we're not expecting any Ace Attorney news, but you never know...

We hope we'll see you there!

Capcom have announced an Ace Attorney panel for this year's Tokyo Game Show. The panel will be held on the 22nd of September from 16.00 JST (3.00 EDT, 00.00 PDT, and 8.00 BST) will last for approximately 40 minutes. Ace Attorney series producer Motohide Eshiro and game designer Shinsuke Kodama will be in attendance.

The panel has been described as 'unmissable for Ace Attorney fans' so hopefully there'll be some interesting news to come out of it.


A 28 page illustrated zine, made by fellow Ace Attorney fans has just become available for pre-order. The Ace Adventurer Zine is an RPG fanzine that gives that gives our favourite attorneys some new weapons to point with, the more the merrier! Help support the Ace Attorney fan community by purchasing or showing your support on twitter!
If you have an Ace Attorney related fan project you'd like CR to promote, make sure to DM us on twitter!

You can find out more details at the twitter
And you can preorder the zine at

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As stated many, many, many times, this is a work-in-progress beta! That said, we feel we have a pretty good grip on the functionality and style for the site going forward...

...But maybe we don't? If you have a feature you think would really improve the site, or if there's some piece of styling that's absolutely ruining your experience, let us know in this thread! (Do note that some pages, like the character index at time of this posting, are totally without styling, so reporting those is a bit of a no-op!)

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