Court-Records: An Ace Attorney Fansite

Important information about this in-development beta

Welcome to the three point oh secret beta. Feel free to play around on the site.

Just note that things are in a constant flux and may change rapidly. That said, we appreciate bug reports - send them over to this forum topic.

We are running around in panic trying to find all the bugs, but at the moment we are simply unable to catch them all.

As such we are asking for help in finding them. Please post your reports here and we will do our best to catch them before launch.

Got something that isn't a bug, feature, or styling suggestion? Or maybe you just want to sound off in general about the redesign as it goes along? Consider this an open feedback thread to chat about the redesign in general.

As stated many, many, many times, this is a work-in-progress beta! That said, we feel we have a pretty good grip on the functionality and style for the site going forward...

...But maybe we don't? If you have a feature you think would really improve the site, or if there's some piece of styling that's absolutely ruining your experience, let us know in this thread! (Do note that some pages, like the character index at time of this posting, are totally without styling, so reporting those is a bit of a no-op!)

This week I have been tinkering with the sprite animation displays. I am driving everything from the database now. But the visual alignment isn't quite finished. Especially not when it comes to the poll block. Please excuse the mess as we figure out how CSS works.

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