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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for all

The Lost Turnabout

Phoenix Wright looks proud in the foreground with a sepia image of Maggey Byrde in the background.

Phoenix Wright returns, taking on the case of Police Officer Maggey Byrd who's accused of killing a fellow officer. This would be childs play for Phoenix... if he didn't have amnesia. Can he regain his memory in time to find the real killer?

Reunion, and Turnabout

Pearl Fey looks straight with her right fist in front of her chest with a green-tinted Maya in the background. Maya appears to be starting a channeling.

After a spirit channeling seemingly goes wrong in the village of Kurain, Maya is accused of murder. To save her, Phoenix will have to take on another von Karma, Franziska, and it's going to be painful for everyone involved. Can Phoenix uncover the truth, and who is the young girl hiding in the shadows?

Turnabout Big Top

Franziska von Karma looks to her left toward a blue-tinted background image of Maximillion Galactica.

When circus ringmaster Russell Berry is murdered and magician Max Galactica is in the dock, Phoenix must answer a seemingly impossible question. Can a man really fly? And if he can't, then why did eyewitnesses see someone do it? The truth is out there, and only Phoenix can find it.

Farewell, My Turnabout

Edgeworth faces to his right with a serious expression and clenched fist toward a dark purple-tinted image of a teddy bear being handed to a metal hand.

Global Studios is in trouble again when history seems to repeat itself and another star is murdered. But when a mysterious man kidknaps Maya and demands an aquittal, it's not just the life of defendant Matt Engarde in our protagonist's hands. And when a familiar face re-appears, Phoenix must answer an important question: What sort of person is he?

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