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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

The First Turnabout

Larry Butz is walking and looks surprised as the deceased Cindy Stone, a thinker statue, and a smiling Frank Sahwit are in the background.

Phoenix takes on his first case to save his childhood friend -- one who helped inspire him to become an attorney in the first place. With Mia by his side, he learns the basics as he confronts a decisive witness.

Turnabout Sisters

April May and Redd White are posing together, with May acting cute and White showing his rings; the bellboy is presenting tea; Mia is looking serious to the right; and Maya is looking to the left and crying in sorrow.

It's not a good day to be Phoenix Wright. Not only has his mentor been murdered, but her sister is the prime suspect. With no-one else willing to defend her, can Phoenix unravel the mystery? And what connection does Phoenix have to the prosecutor?

Turnabout Samurai

The Steel Samurai and Evil Magistrate are fighting in the center. At the bottom, Maya and Cody Hackins are cheering, Penny Nichols is looking at Maya and Cody, and Wendy Oldbag looks enraged. At the top, Sal Manella and Dee Vasquez are in the background.

It's not often that when a TV villain dies, they die for real. This time it has, and actor Will Powers is in the firing line. Can Phoenix sift through the cover-ups and forgotten history to find the real culprit? And what does Prosecutor Edgeworth have up his sleeves?

Turnabout Goodbyes

Manfred von Karma is in the background with an evil sneer, reaching out to grab Miles Edgeworth's head. Edgeworth is distressed with a hand on his head. The Old Man is playing with his parrot to the left of Edgeworth. Lotta Hart is looking intensely at a ghostly image of Gourdy with her camera and binoculars at the ready.

When a dead body turns up in a river, Phoenix takes on the most unlikely of clients; his own rival, Miles Edgeworth. Can the rookie lawyer take down Manfred von Karma, the genius prosecutor with a 40 year perfect record? And what is Edgeworth hiding?

Rise from the Ashes

Gray brown image of an empty court room

After being hired by Ema Skye to defend her sister, Chief Prosecutor Lana Skye, Phoenix is left with two problems. She claims that she did it, and the victim died in two places at the exact same time. Can Phoenix discover the darkness at the heart of the police system, and what does this mean for Edgeworth?

[NB: This is the extra case added for the DS re-release.]

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