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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies

Turnabout Countdown

Stuff go boom!
Also, a murder.

The moustrous Turnabout


Turnabout academy


A teacher at Thermis lawschool is found dead. But the crime seems to follow the same pattern as the mock trial that Juniper wrote...

Can Athena help her childhood friend get acquitted, and more importantly, figure out what is up with her classmates?

The cosmic turnabout


A seven year old space probe returns to earth, but space rocks is not the only thing that it brought back.

Turnabout for tomorrow


The client was proven innocent, but the killer wasn't found... That can never end well.

Athena discovers the tradition of young lawyer girls getting accused of murder the hard way.

Turnabout Reclaimed


Phoenix Wright is back after the disbarment! His first client? An orca!

How do you defend a client that isn't even the same species?

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