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Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations 2

The targeted turnabout

Miles Edgeworth looking forward seriously with his arms crossed.

Edgeworth is called to the scene of an attempted political assassination, and though he solves the case, he soon realizes that something much larger is already brewing…

The Imprisoned Turnabout

Hakari Mikagami looking forward confidently with her gavel in her hands.

When Edgeworth heads to the detention center to question his latest trial defendant, he finds the defendant murdered! No choice but to solve it, right?

But then a new judge and prosecutor take to the scene, and they are determined to make Edgeworth's job as difficult as possible.

The Inherited Turnabout

Gregory Edgeworth looking forward seriously with his right hand on the brim of his hat and left hand in his coat pocket.

Eighteen years ago, Gregory Edgeworth took a case that would become the final case of his career.

At the request of his father's former colleague and friend, Edgeworth rises to the challenge of solving the mystery that marred Manfred von Karma's perfect record, and cost his father his life.

The Forgotten Turnabout

Kay Faraday looking forward with her hands on her hips.

You can't have a teenaged side-kick for too long before they end up a murder suspect; Edgworth learns this lesson the hard way, putting his entire career on the line to defend Kay not from the mysterious figure that attacked her, but the Prosecutorial Investigations Committee that is determined to have the both of them locked away.

The Grand Turnabout

Yumihiko Ichiyanagi looking forward smugly with his baton raised in his right hand.

No more than a few hours after their last close call, Edgeworth and Kay stumble onto a new, high profile murder investigation.

And a kidnapping.
And another kidnapping?
And another murder?

Edgeworth goes all out to solve this final case, relearning what being a prosecutor really means to him all over again.

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