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Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations

Tunabout Visitor

Miles Edgeworth is looking seriously to his left.

Edgeworth returns to his office only to find it the scene of a murder! And not just any murder, the murder of a detective!

Gumshoe, I thought you were office-sitting!?

Turnabout Airlines

Franziska von Karma looks forward confidently with her whip in her right hand and her left arm reaching to the side.

While taking a trip on the swankiest airplane you'd never be able to afford, Edgeworth stumbles on a dead body and is mistaken for the killer!

Who is the mysterious, handsome young victim? Who killed him?

And why does an airplane have an elevator, a grand piano, and objecting statues!?

The Kidnapped Turnabout

Agent Shi-Long Lang looks forward smugly.

When Edgeworth learns that his friend's son has been kidnapped, he goes to the theme park Gatewater Land to deliver the ransom and almost becomes a victim himself. He's rescued by Kay Faraday, self proclaimed thief, and together they battle Interpol for the rights to chase down the criminals responsible.

Turnabout Reminiscence

Gumshoe looks forward smiling with his right hand behind his head.

Seven years before the start of AAI, a shocking murder takes place inside the courthouse itself, and a freshly-promoted detective is the prime suspect.

Edgeworth takes on his first "investigation" and forms bonds that will last him a lifetime, all while taking on the mystery of the famed master thief, Yatagarasu.

Turnabout Ablaze

Kay Faraday looks forward with her left hand next to her face.

After seven years the Yatagarasu has returned, but why now, and what is he after? Edgeworth and all his allies come together to combat an international criminal, with not one murder but two to solve before the night is over. All five cases lead into this action packed, world-revolving finale.

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