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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and tribulations

Turnabout Memories

Mia Fey stands with a serious expression with background sepia images of Young Phoenix and Doug Swallow looking at each other and Dahlia Hawthorne.

One of Mia's first cases. Her defendant? Phoenix Wright himself!

Phoenix finds himself charged of murdering the ex of his girlfriend, but just who did he fall for?

The Stolen Turnabout

Godot looks smugly to his right toward green-tinted background images of Mask*DeMasque flying away from an angry Luke Atmey and Maya and Pearls looking forward determinedly with Ami Fey's repaired ashes pot in the background.

When Kurain's famed artifact is stolen from an exhibition hall, Phoenix ends up defending the very man claiming to have taken it. But why does Ron want to be found guilty? And who is this mysterious new prosecutor Godot?

Recipe for Turnabout

Maya looks happy in a waitress' outfit with sepia background images of someone drugging a cup of tea and Maggey Byrde passed out on the floor.

The papers say Phoenix Wright lost his case defending Maggey Bryde in another murder. Funny thing is, Phoenix never took that case. Is there really an imposter attorney running around? Phoenix appeals Maggey's case to get to the bottom of it.

Turnabout Beginnings

Young Edgeworth stands confidently with purple-tinted background images of two people on a bridge, with one person pointing a gun at the other person, and Valerie Hawthorne dead in a trunk.

Mia's first case, a convicted criminal is on trial for murdering a police officer. Can someone who keeps telling "little lies" be innocent? And just who is the witness?

Bridge to the Turnabout

Phoenix stands looking seriously to his left toward blue-tinted background images of Ami Fey's statue and Misty Fey.

Phoenix's final case in his trilogy. When Phoenix travels to Hazakura Temple chasing a vision from his past, he finds himself drawn into too many old grudges. Can he save Maya yet again, along with the mysterious Iris, and settle his score with Godot at the same time? Maybe with a little help from unlikely sources...

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