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General feedback thread

Hey guys, was just wondering: will this updated version of the site incorporate all of the old posts? Or are we going for a CR apocalypse?

(I am a big fan of it so far - is looking great, lads.)

Its good, and its easy to navigate. I really love the style, but the profiles are bit nasty. I also love that I can read the Gyakuten Saiben art book. By far, I love this version. I can't wait for more.


In the timeline, Pearls last name is spelt "Fay" instead of "Fey".

Copied from Discord;

the background makes it too busy and confusing on the eyes
The sticky note thing on the front page makes no sense given that it's sticking onto a courtroom
I'm not sure why the sidebar needs a separate scroll bar - not instantly obvious that it does either
I do like how the headers have the red line under them - nice touch
A lot of brown isn't necessarily bad, it just doesn't stand out enough from the background making the whole thing blend together confusingly

The new reply system isn't the best


It doesn't even say if it's a reply.

Where are the smilies? That's half the fun of this website

There's only bold,italics,quote,img url,and *. Where's the spoiler,marquee,colours,and center?

Hopefully this will be fixed later on

Also one last thing:Will all the posts from the previous forum just disappear after this? Will our post count be renewed? Why is my signature gone? Where's my avatar?