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Hexepta: Mayor Attack

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Hexepta: Mayor Attack!

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(3 out of 6 cases complete) PyWright 0.989 recommended, comes with download

Progress on Case 4: The Stolen Turnabout:
Planning: 80-90%
Part 1: 1%
Part 2: 0%
Part 3: 0%
Part 4: 0%

Hello, this is my fangame of the AA-like game, Hexepta: Logic Hack! In this game, you must battle through 6 chapters of emotional stories, all with their own puzzling mysteries. Solve the cases, protect the mayor and stop the madness from taking over the city of Hexepta!
The official game may not be released yet, but I hope this game gives it enough attention to increase it's sales by the time it's completed! (Maybe I'll even get it done before Logic Hack so it has even more impact on it's sales!)

Currently, I have the first three out of six planned cases released:
Case 1: The Hacked Turnabout
Case 2: Turnabout on the Road
Case 3: Turnabout in Flames
Case 4: The Stolen Turnabout
Case 5: Turnabout Murder
Case 6: Turnabout Hexepta

This game uses music from SoJ and DGS.
The second case also contains some DGS2 music, which you can choose to disable and replace with alternate tracks at the start of the case.


Case 1: The Hacked Turnabout: Argus goes to court with his mentor, Karen Foster,
to watch her defend. When he makes a big mistake, though, he must take over the defense to protect Karen's good name. He may not be an attorney yet, but can he find the truth behind this disastrous case of hacking??

Case 2: Turnabout on the Road: The mayor's been arrested for illegally crossing the road outside Argus's office! There's something strange here, though, and Argus must defend the mayor to figure out what this strange thing is. Can he prove the mayor innocent when even his own client claims he's guilty??

Case 3: Turnabout in Flames: Argus is invited to the mayor's house for dinner, a reward for his efforts in the previous cases, but all the happiness burns down by a house fire! Was it really the mayor's cook who started it, or was it someone else?

Case 4: The Stolen Turnabout: The mayor's medal has been stolen! The thief left a letter behind telling them where it is, though. It's no specific location, though - just that it's somewhere an ancient, puzzling island! Argus, deciding to help, hides in the police's ship as they set sail to the island. Can Argus and Camille solve all the island's puzzles and recover the medal?

Case 5: Turnabout Murder: Someone has died, and Argus must solve the case more than ever. Unfortunately, Adrianna Lockheart will not be able to prosecute, so another man is needed...

Case 6: Turnabout Hexepta: After the shocking end to case 5, it's time to solve all the remaining plot twists to save all of Hexepta!

Main Cast

Argus Hakan: The protagonist. A young student at Hexepta Legal Academy. He studied under Karen Foster to become an attorney, part of the Student Justice Council.
(Sprites by Tear and Silver Glas)

Adrianna Lockheart: The game's main prosecutor. She's been part of the SJC for over a year, but it's been some time since her last appearance in court.
(Sprites by LunchPolice)

Detective "Camille": A student who's long forgotten his name, however he works as a reliable detective at the Hexepta Police Department. Calls himself Camille for some reason.
(Sprites by Ceres)

Mayor Vick Timm: The mayor of Hexepta. An unfortunate man who gets hit by many, many incidents.
(Sprites by Silver Glas)

Storm Sente: A barrister from the United Kingdom who grew up in Hexepta. Argus's best friend.
(Character by ProcellaGames)

Karen Foster: Argus's mentor. She was supposed to defend Terry Chens in the first chapter, before Argus took over out of stupidity. This had unfortunate consequences...
(Sprites by DragonTrainer)

Case 1 Cast

Haxin Payne: A pathetic man who somehow works as a prosecutor.
A professor at the Academy who helps the SJC.

Secret Eerie: The mayor's secretary.

Terry Chens: A delivery man accused of hacking.

Case 2 Cast

Bob Bildit: The builder of Hexepta. He built all the roads in the city.
Well respected.
(Sprites by DragonTrainer)

Upton O'Goode: The local scumbag, who gives no thought to the insults he yells at everyone he passes. Not respected.
(Sprites by Enigma)
Case 3 Cast

Butler: The butler at the Timm Estate. A loyal servant since his youth.
(Sprites by Greeny)

Warren Gesst: An old man who was invited to the mayor's dinner. Ex-military.
(Sprites by Lind)

Honor Gesst: Another guest at the mayor's house. Works for an environmentalist.
(Sprites by Lind)

Cooke Err: The mayor's personal cook. A college student. Also the defendant.
(Sprites by DragonTrainer)

And many more to come!

Case 2:
Camille ~ Secrets: Ace of Diamonds, Last Window: The Secret of Cape West
Reminiscence ~ A Locked Away Heart: The Cemetery, Monkey Island 2
Investigation ~ Opening: Straight Chaser, Last Window
Reminiscence ~ Silent Tears: Silent Tears, Last Window

Case 3:
Reminiscence ~ Mayoral Past: Suspense, Professor Layton: Diabolical Box
Lounge: Expectation, Professor Layton: Miracle Mask
Investigation ~ Middle: Suspicion, Umineko
Storm Sente ~ In Pursuit of Adrenaline: Storm Sente ~ In Pursuit of Justice, Acquittal: Induction
Lively People: Hangover Blues, Hotel Dusk
Demand the Truth: Patchwork Chimera, Umineko
Logic ~ Deep Thought: Dead Angle, Umineko
Investigation ~ Core: Reunion Inn, Miracle Mask

Case Screenshots
Case 1

Case 2 Screenshots

Case 3 Screenshots]

Please do not be afraid to discuss! I welcome all thoughts and comments and anything from you all!