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Phoenix Wright: The Jakkid Series

Game Engine

Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: The Jakkid Series

Made with PyWright by ArrowDusk/ArrowLawn/AceJakkidFan


(Note: Use the mouse when looking for fingerprints.)

Set in an alternate universe, Phoenix Wright must defend... anyone who needs it. Whether they live in his world or not. This game features ten "horrible" fanfictions made by the author Jakkid166. The game is mostly faithful to the source, including the author's writing style and language, though there are a few changes made for gameplay purposes. No censorship. For an idea of what you're getting into, take a look at Jakkid's Fanfiction profile.
If it's not clear enough, the game isn't even a little bit serious.

List of Cases:
1. phoenix wright SPEED attorney
2. phoenix wright MUSHROOM attorney
3. phoenix wright ace christian
4. phoenix wright in undertale (Completely skippable. I'm sure some of you would like to hear...)
5. turnabout egg
6. turnabout pearl
7. turnabout portal
8. phoenix wright dank attorney (Contains weed. Can be skipped.)
9. phoenix wright ace stripper (Contains a badly made shirtless Phoenix.)
10. phoenix wright on the run

Differences to the fanfics:
- *Lots of optional dialogue
- In Undertale has an ending, kind of.
- The second trial in Turnabout Pearl is playable
- Two Psyche locks in Turnabout Portal (Pony and Jesus)
- The fight in Turnabout Portal is shortened
- On the run's trial is longer

Sonic World: Windy Valley 3, Sonic Adventure
Knuckles: Sonic & Knuckles
Mario: Bowser's Question, Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door
Bowser: Paper Mario
All Undertale Character leitmolifs: Your Best Friend, Fallen Down, sans., Nyeh Heh Heh, Undertale
Undertale fight: Enemy Approaching, Undertale
Pony World: Yoshi's Island, Mario & Luigi Partners in Time
Investigation ~ Core: Suspicions, Hotel Dusk
Mario World: Petal Meadows, Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door
Professor E. Gadd: Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
Turnabout Portal Ending: Ending, Mario & Luigi SS
Ace Attorneys in the Woods: Lost Forest, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
Confrontation: On The Rocks, Hotel Dusk
Final Rebuttal: Sharp Blade, Last Window: The Secret of Cape West
Restless Ghost: Resolution, Hotel Dusk

Sprites & Writing
Writing: Jakkid166
Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, Eggman, Mario, Luigi & Bowser sprites: ripped by Bacon
Waluigi sprites: Starpower & Frario
Professor E. Gadd sprites: ripped by AJ Nitro
All AA sprites from Court Records
Undertale sprites from Undertale Wiki