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The Tree and the Raven

By: Chaotic Stepladder Kid

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Entrant's Name: Chaotic Stepladder Kid
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Character's Name: Cassidy Forester

Age: 22 (Born on 9/25/96)

Occupation: Grad Student studying Environmental Policy at UCLA. She plans to be a congresswoman who advocates specifically for environmental sustainability and responsibility. She's currently working as an intern at the office of the mayor of Los Angeles.

Brief Physical Description: Cassidy is a well built black girl with brown eyes and a deep green afro. She's 5’11”. She's always found it a little ironic that she's passionate about the environment and that her last name is Forester, so she took it a step further and dyed her Afro forest green.

She wears a collared shirt under a cream-colored sweater adorned with a woodpecker. On top of that she wears a light brown suit jacket and pants. When she's at work, she wears the jacket closed, but unbuttons it when she leaves.

Brief Personality Description:

Cassidy loves the environment, loves her family, and loves herself. She's confident in who she is and in her experiences, and always has just the right advice when Kay needs it. Still, there are times when her experience fails her and there’s nothing she can do to help; in those moments she feels useless and inadequate.

When she’s not around too many people, she's fairly laid back -- it takes a lot to get her frazzled. Her emotions tend to be fairly calm rather than fierce; when someone she loves is in danger she'll do anything to protect them, but it will be in a slow, determined way rather than fiery and immediate. When she’s around a crowd, though, she has a hard time thinking clearly and is much more likely to be thrown off and do something she might regret later.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Cassidy’s father and Byrne Faraday were adopted brothers who were best friends, and so Cassidy has always been an older sister to Kay. When Byrne died and Kay moved in with her mother’s parents, they grew even closer -- they suddenly lived in the same town, and Kay desperately needed support from someone around her age, so the two hung out all the time.

Now that Cassidy has moved, Kay stays with her when in LA in exchange for help cleaning the apartment and editing Cassidy’s grad school papers.

Brief Background:

Cassidy grew up with both her parents and her little sibling, Jax. As a kid, her family went on frequent camping trips in northern California and she grew to love the forest. She learned to identify a myriad of plants and taught everything she knew to her best friend. When they were at home, the two spent a lot of their time exploring the more natural areas of the town, like the parks or the river than ran through the city.

As she grew older, Cassidy began to see all the ways that the nature she loved so much could hurt people. She grew up surrounded by natural disasters and environmental tragedies; she watched the effects of pollution in the water supply and the devastation caused by hurricanes that were growing exponentially bigger. Frustrated by the inaction of the government and the irresponsibility of corporations that had caused or added to many of the problems, she began to lobby for change. Seeing the slow progress and the reaction of those in charge, however, persuaded her to pursue political science so she could join Congress and help to change things from there.

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