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A Lyra's Confession

By: Uglen

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Entrant's Name: Uglen

Character's Name: Dr. Nodie Lyra

Age: 38

Occupation: Psychiatrist

Brief Physical Description: Lyra is a tall woman with dyed purple and blue hair, she uses the same colours for her eye-shadow. She wears her old uniform from her time as a surgeon, including coat, mask, gloves and cap. There is a small sheep pin on the cap. Underneath the coat she wears a formal suit with a black jacket, a purple shirt and a golden tie. Her trousers are red. She always carries a scalpel with her which she uses for drawing – mostly inkblots since she is a fan of the Rorschach test. When not drawing she puts the scalpel behind her ear.

Brief Personality Description: Lyra is a reserved and well-spoken person. She takes pride in her physical appearance, using heavy make-up almost like a mask to hide her true self. She is a big fan of dream analysis, using it in sessions and on the witness stand. When cornered she loses her cool and becomes aggressive, slamming the scalpel on the witness stand. She also insists on people calling her Doctor.

Connection to canon characters: Though she has never met Phoenix Wright before, she knows him through the convicts she treats, since they have been the true culprits in Wright’s cases. Because of her work she has met a lot of the canon culprits. Among her patients is also Kristoph Gavin.

Brief Background: Nodie Lyra used to be a surgeon, but quit her job to become a psychiatrist, mainly working with criminals. She came to work with a lot of convicts related to cases Phoenix Wright handled. She has worked with convicts before Wright first appeared in court and noticed the changes he brought with him. Before his arrival it didn’t matter if the truth came up during the trials, Lyra herself didn’t care much about the truth herself. After Wright’s appearance that changed and somehow, Lyra became intrigued with him, often watching his cases in court.

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