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The Toxic Turnabout

By: HannahFright

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Entrant's Name: Hannah

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Character's Name: Doctor Bluddan Gutts

Age: 34

Occupation: Pathologist

Brief Physical Description:

When most people look at Doctor Gutts, they see a vampire. A tall, pale man with gelled, black hair and a smile like a slap in the face. Only a few colleagues know that he is really only 5’8”, but he wears black platform shoes to make himself look taller. His pale skin and hunched back come from years spent in the basement of Healsome hospital, bending down to examine dead bodies. His natural hair color is ginger, but he began dyeing it black as a teenager, if you look very hard, you may see his roots coming through. Though many have speculated, the origin of his fangs is a mystery even to those closest to him.

Brief Personality Description:

While Dr Bluddan Gutts looks somewhat like an extra in ‘The Brides of Dracula’, his colleagues know him to be a shy, sensitive soul, who prefers the company of the dead because of their inability to talk. He tends to use old fashioned language and has a stutter that only comes out when he’s feeling stressed. His hobbies are cytopathology, hematopathology, ornithology and basketball, in that order.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):

He has liaised with several members of the Prosecutor’s Office and has a good working relationship with Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth. Simon Blackquill also enjoys visiting him at the morgue to discuss their shared hobby of birdwatching.

Brief Background:

Doctor Gutts has been working at Healsome hospital for seven years, since he became certified in combined anatomic and clinical pathology. Not much is known about his personal life and he lives alone. However, his colleagues have noticed that he takes a day off on the first of every month to visit the graveyard on West Avenue.

NOW COMPLETE! To skip straight to the most Dr-Gutts-heavy chapters, I recommend starting at Chapter 3. Enjoy!

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