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Entrant's Name: Diana Gray (AceFangirl)
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Character's Name: Mae'do Laqueen
Age: 11
Occupation: Maid to Princess Rayfa
Brief Physical Description: Mae is 4'6" with bright green eyes and black hair falling just past her shoulders. She wears the traditional topknot of Khura'in, embellished with a small gold ornament signifying her employment with the royal family. She wears a simple uniform for her duty as the princess's maid.
Brief Personality Description: Mae is very shy and quiet, but also very observant. She is devoted to her job with Princess Rayfa and strives to do all she can to assist her. She holds a soft spot for Albhi and the friends that she grew up with, allowing them into the palace occasionally and sharing with them the benefits she receives with her employment. She is extremely knowledgeable about the workings of the royal family, including the sacred rituals she attends and assists in with Rayfa.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Mae grew up with Albhi Ur'gaid in Khura'in and remains close friends with him to this day. She meets Apollo during the investigation into her case.
Brief Background: Mae grew up on the streets of Khura'in with Albhi and worked with her family (her parents and three younger sisters) in their clothing shop prior to the events of Case 5 of SoJ, after which she became the maid to Princess Rayfa. She is able to provide for her family and works very hard until the events of this story, in which an unfortunate incident changes everything.

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1Albhi's Request3609
2Meeting Mae2898
3The Investigation22113
4The Conclusion21230