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Being Dead Means No Sick Days

By: RufflesAndCo

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Spoiler warning: the below has general spoilers for the end of Spirit of Justice (no specifics for the cases.)

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Character's Name: Dean Partridge
Age: 22 at TOD, c. 2005
Occupation: Law Assistant and Secretary (Formerly Defense Attorney)
Brief Physical Description: Partridge was a particularly unextraordinary man who inherited a pale, freckle-ridden skin tone from his half-Irish mother, and the completion of a teenager. His height peaked at 5'8", a little under average for England, and a lot under average in Khura'in. Between his stature and blonde hair, anyone could look at him and sneer tourist, especially around 2005 when any tourist or lawyer with common sense was quietly escaping the country.
Following his rather unfortunate demise under the Defense Culpability Act, Partridge now takes several physical attributes of whichever spirit medium is channelling him. He doesn't particularly miss anything of his original identity, but wishes he had a better explanation for his hair not only changing shades of black but occasionally light brown and auburn other than 'I felt like a change'. He'd rather not explain to his employer that he is deceased and the medium that he ordinarily worked with was busy.

Brief Personality Description: His head is up in the clouds a lot, but that's from constantly seeing both the living and spirit realms overlapping. He's not really talking to himself - probably just the kindly old lad from down the street who passed away two years ago. Being able to enter a spirit form and straight out ask the victim what happened to them would almost be a useful skill if witnesses ever actually told the truth. Partridge is fairly level headed when a yak walking through the wall of his cubicle isn't distracting him, though prefers more traditional approaches to law such as actually reading case precedent and arguing facts of law instead of just charging in on the basis his client didn't do it. It's all probably some elaborate form of denial. He'd much rather pick up a copy of the Columbia Law Review than a magatama, even if he then goes on to point out that it's not actually precedent and then explain what precedent is to the white figure of a woman floating mid-air behind you.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Dean Partridge worked occasionally with the Defiant Dragons following his own execution, meeting Nahyuta directly a handful of times. He left enough of an impression for him to later recommend him to Apollo as co-counsel. Ignoring the fact he has been dead almost as long as his boss has been alive, he respects Apollo as a boss and Apollo respects him as a co-worker enough to look past all the strange behaviours that come from not processing time and still feeling like it's two decades earlier.

Brief Background: D. Partridge was on vacation, when he fell in love with the country of Khura'in during a stop-over to China. The stop-over turned into a vacation, which turned into him quitting his job at a small English law firm to begin his own even smaller firm in Khura'in. Like most attorneys he fell into hiding after the pass of the Defense Culpability Act. He was one of the first to return to work again though, trusting he'd found a loophole that would allow him to escape the Act under the guise of being on a working visa and not a citizen.
Partridge should've stayed in school; he found guilty and executed along with the poor kid he was trying to defend no more than 6 months after the infamous Law was instated.
There was a big glowing thing, and a lot of voices, and he's still not exactly sure what happened after the needle was entirely pushed in, but he sure as hell isn't going back towards it. Partridge became a residential spirit in a medium training school; a familiar face, name and trustworthy personality for those still mastering their skills to try and channel. Practising law became an unavoidable itch, and with the help of some rebellion allies he made a reappearance in the Courtroom. As long as he wasn't actually acting as an attorney, and the spirit medium he was possessing had absolutely no knowledge of what was happening and their identity couldn't be proven, then he could not be punished under the Defense Culpability Act.

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