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The Temple in Starlight

By: HannahFright

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Entrant's Name: Hannah

Character's Name: Shinipi “Pippi” Tekina (comes from the kanji for mystical)

Age: 16

Occupation: Priestess

Brief Physical Description: Her hair is black and usually pinned up, but it falls down when she becomes excited. She wears the traditional costume of Priestesses in Khura'in, a pink robe with a white cape.

Brief Personality Description: Pippi has always dreamed of being a Priestess and she is proud to serve the Royal family of Khura'in in any way she can. Despite being a talented Priestess with the ability to perform rituals and séances, Pippi is highly forgetful and often loses important spiritual objects, causing trouble for her colleagues.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): A friend of Rayfa Padma Khura'in, she is devoted to serving the Royal Priestess. She gets to know Apollo Justice when
an acquaintance is accused of murder.

Brief Background: Pippi was born in 2012 and grew up near Tehm'pul Temple in Khura'in. She trained there to become a Priestess throughout her childhood, attaining this rank at the age of eleven, however, that same year, her father was murdered for being a defense attorney and her mother joined the resistance group, ‘The Defiant Dragons’ in response. Although the loss of her father and her mother’s disappearance came as a shock, Pippi had a close group of friends and her devout belief in Khura'inism to comfort her.

No spoilers for any cases in Spirit of Justice, but Apollo’s situation after the game is included.

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