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Witless or Witness?

By: dragonscales

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Entrant's Name: dragonscales

Character's Name: Lucy Boyle (note: the name Lucy is wordplay on jealousy; Boyle is in reference to boiling food, namely pasta)

Age: 16 (as of SoJ)

Occupation: student/waitress

Brief Physical Description: Lucy is tall for her age, almost gangly, with little to no figure. Her hair is black; it’s naturally curly and unruly, so she ties it in a tight bun on the job. Her grey eyes and bright teeth would make her look much prettier if she ever bothered to smile, but on account of her dry personality and some dental hardware, smiles from Lucy are few and far between. She wears a blouse and skirt from her school uniform underneath a pocketed apron. She can always be seen with a pencil behind one ear and a spoon behind the other.

Brief Personality Description: Spoiled silly by her affluent parents, Lucy is very self-centered; she minds less of how people feel and more of what she desires or thinks she deserves. Despite her age, she believes she is a mature woman, yet is immensely threatened by the presence of any girl who has a notable cup size. When interacting with others, she is very humorless and inattentive— unless she thinks her boss might be watching. She is also something of an airhead, which (combined with her lack of focus) leads to many unhappy customers.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Lucy thinks she’s closely acquainted with Simon Blackquill, an occasional patron of the soba she serves. Simon hardly even remembers her name, but she regularly chooses to ignore that fact.

Brief Background: When she turned fifteen, Lucy was forced by her entrepreneurial parents to take a part-time job at the restaurant Use Your Noodle, as they attempted to teach their flaky daughter about the business world through firsthand experience. She has worked there for a year, dreading every day— except for when a certain attractive prosecutor comes in for soba.

The day before Lucy is called to work on a certain weekend, a murder occurs directly across the street inside a tailor shop. Lucy believes she has no business in the proceedings, but she finds herself pulled into the investigation more than once.

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