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Call of the Revolution

By: KirbySage18

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Entrant's name: Kirbysage18

Character's name: Rei'vol Lu'tion

Age: 20 ( - Febuary 18 2005)

Occupation: Queen's Servant

Brief Physical Description (I hate writing descriptions): At 5"4, Rei'vol is a relatively short young man with short black hair and tan skin. He wears a golden headband with yellow triangles on it. He has blue eyes and a red line runs from the top to the bottom of his nose. He wears a black sweater that goes to his waist openly and a white shirt under it. He also wears black cargo shorts and black boots. Lastly, around his neck, he wears a Magatama necklace.

Brief Personality Description (Pre-Story): Rei'vol is a generally positive person. Although he is of Khura'inese faith, he does not follow it devotedly. Rather, he focuses on the people of Khura'in. He wants to do everything he can to aid the people of his country. That dream brought him to becoming a servant of the Queen Amara. Seeing what the Queen did for her country only gave Rei'vol even more respect for the Kingdom of Khura'in. As such, those who defy his country are who he considers his true enemies. Especially after the first incident with the rebel Dhurke.

Connection to canon characters: Rei'vol is a servant of the Queen of Khura'in; both before and after the first incident with the rebel Dhurke.

Brief Background: Rei'vol was born in the Kingdom of Khura'in. His parents, who were monks, had taught Rei'vol the ways of Khura'ism. He, however, did not want to devote time to something he personally didn't believe in. While a bit annoyed, his parents accepted it, and life went on as normal. They both lived healthy lives until they died rather peacefully in the hospital. Rei'vol then began to practice Khura'ism in memory of his parents.

SPOILERS: This fanfiction involves spoilers for Spirit of Justice in particular. However, I cannot guarantee that this fic won't spoil the previous 5 games. Play those as well as Spirit of Justice before reading.

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