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Entrant's Name: Diana Gray
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Character's Name: Magnolia 'Maggie' Zene
Age: 24
Occupation: Culture writer/aspiring crime journalist/amateur artist
Brief Physical Description: Maggie is 5’4” with wavy brown hair that falls just to her shoulders and bangs that always seem to get in her eyes. She is petite, with blue eyes that rarely seem to focus in one place, always on the lookout for the next story. Maggie always has two notebooks with her, either clutched in her arms or poking out of a bag – her reporting notes and her sketchbook. She tends to dress somewhat professionally when on the beat, in a blazer and jeans. Her forearms and fingers often have ink or pencil smudges from frantic writing or sketching.
Brief Personality Description: Maggie, as most journalists are, is a very inquisitive and driven person. She strongly believes in the age-old adage of following one’s instincts and uses that to her advantage when working in the field. Her true interest is crime and legal proceedings, and it is her goal to get transferred to that section of the paper, which is apparent in some of her culture articles. Off the beat, Maggie is fun-loving and carefree, although her journalist senses never really leave her mind. Maggie is stubborn in both her professional and her personal life, and refuses to give up on anything she is passionate about, even if the whole world is telling a different story.
Connection to Canon Characters (if applicable): Maggie first meets Apollo, Athena, and Trucy while reporting on the murder at the Penrose Theater. She accompanies and minorly assists the attorneys in their investigation and is present at trial.

Potential Spoiler Warning!!! This story deals with Case 2 of Spirit of Justice. Although the culprit is not spoiled, there are pieces of evidence and conversations only slightly adapted from the case. Read at your own risk.

TitlePublish dateEdit dateRead countWord count (latest published)
1Prologue - A New Assignment5512
2Chapter 1 - On the Case3994
3The Interview21215
4The Investigation21356
5The Understage31496
6The Trial and The End4995