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By: DawnoftheSparks

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Character's Name: Holly Ree Trin
Age: 23
Occupation: Campaign Manager

Brief Appearance Description:

Holly is slightly short for her age and has hazel hair that reaches right beneath her shoulder. She is slightly tanned and has grey eyes. She often wears a lavender vest over a white buttoned blouse, a midnight blue skirt and black flats with gold accents. On her wrists are two yellow hair ties that act as her bracelet. The reason for this accessory is unknown.

Brief Personality Description:

At first glance, Holly is meek, quiet and speaks in monotone to her boss. She shows sympathy to everyone she meets due to her boss' loud speeches. But when her friends are in danger: her true colors are shown. She became more outspoken, confident, sassy and her statements are more straightforward. She can be a bit of a hypocrite at times. Holly hates to be left out of important information from her affiliations (unless it's from the people she really trusts, including her family) and will persist on finding that said information, even if the truth will bring her more harm than help to her.

Connection to canon characters:

Campaign manager to Paul Atishon-Wimperson. (Behind his back, she's secretly) Close friends with Pearl Fey. She heard of Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth on the news when she was young, mostly due to Oak telling stories about the trials they have (alongside his admiration for them, mostly for Edgeworth). Eventually, she soon became acquainted with Trucy, Apollo, Dhurke, Phoenix and Athena when she first met them in the upcoming trial.

Brief Background:
Holly lived with her older brother and sister Oak Trin and Hazel Trin. She, along with her older siblings, swore that they'll grow up to find the truth of the mysterious disappearance of their mother and the shaky relationship they now had with their father last 2009. They swore that Oak would study prosecution, Hazel would be a defense lawyer and Holly would apply to be a detective.

When Holly was eighteen, Hazel was forced to comply of being the campaign manager of Paul Atishon, despite her objections. Not letting her older sister lose the dream she aspires, Holly signs her contract of being Atishon's campaign manager.

The contract details that if Hazel (now Holly) betrays him, the Trin family's big secret (which Holly has no idea what it is) will reach to the press unless Atishon is unable to do the exposition.

Left in a blackmail and giving up her dream, Holly monotonously manages Paul's campaign programs for five years until now. But even with all that, her siblings constantly reminded her to have hope that the contract would be null and void.

Additional Information:
Relatives: Oak Wood Trin (older brother by five years), Hazel Nut Trin (older sister by two years)

Trivia: Holly never sees Hazel, yet they maintain a good relationship with her when she writes to her in a notebook that she often kept with her at all times. Holly often wonders why she couldn't see her sister personally but Oak would often change the topic. She sometimes had the odd habit of waking up in the random places of the house. She also asks Oak about this but he would always reply that she would know the reason why on her twenty-fifth birthday. Holly eventually agrees, thinking it wouldn't hurt to wait a little longer.

MAJOR SPOILER WARNING!!!: This story deals with the first half of Case 5 in Spirit of Justice. Although it wouldn't spoil most of the investigation chapter of the said case, it would spoil the later actions and the identity of the culprit in said first half. Read at your own risk!

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