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The Procedural Turnabout

By: RubyCosmos

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Entrant's Name: Kara Dennison

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Character's Name: Elizabeth "Bess" Sellers

Age: 32

Occupation: Author

Brief Physical Description: Bess is slender and of middling height, with pale white-blonde hair pulled up tight in a bun, which is skewered with a quill pen. She wears a formal white three-piece skirt suit with typewriter key buttons on the vest, as well as a pair of slim reading glasses that she may or may not actually need.

Brief Personality Description: Bess appears gregarious at first glance, but her friendliness is extremely practiced. She treats everyone like a fan to be kind to at arm's length, and will autograph anything placed in front of her with the quill she keeps tucked in her hair. When crossed, her true persona shows through: childish, defensive, and insulting.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Athena is a fan of her "Pye, P.I." murder mystery series.

Brief Background: Bess was, at best, a failing writer who could sell a few cheap ebooks here and there simply because they were so bad that people would dare each other to read them. After taking on a ghostwriter named Su Ro'Ghit, she became one of the foremost names in crime fiction. Su masquerades as her secretary and publicist, and is too shy to let people know that Bess's best writing is hers. Bess is called in as a witness when Su's boyfriend Artemis is murdered and Su is accused of the crime.

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