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OCC2018 Sprite: The Turnaround Terror

Poster: WaveFowar



Entrant's Name: WaveFowar
Entrant's Website (optional):
Character's Name: The Turnaround Terror (Real Name: Aayaam'n Ac'htr)
Age: ?? (27)
Occupation: Ally to the Plumed Punisher (Actor)
Brief Physical Description: A familiar looking figure, adorned with high tech sci-fi armor. In reality, his actor is an awkward, overweight man with glasses and a faint shaggy beard.
Brief Personality Description: Under his armor, Ac'htr is a confident egotistical figure, who often confuses Phoenix for an avid cosplayer. He constantly offers people autographs, and talks more about himself than the topic at hand. His armor never comes off, but his helmet is prone to falling off at times, revealing a nervous, scared man.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable): The Turnaround Terror is a character on the famous TV series The Plumed Punisher: Warrior of Neo Olde Twilight Realm. He was once a foe of the Plumed Punisher; but in the same episode that he was introduced, he became a valuable ally. In reality, Ac'htr is a spy, used by Global Studios to detect bootlegs of their shows.
Brief Background: The Turnaround Terror was a part of a trial going on in Khura'in while Phoenix and Maya were visiting Apollo. When Nick and Maya got caught up in the trial, the Terror was one of the first people they met. Later it was revealed that Ac'htr was a spy, trying to find a suspected bootleg of the Steel Samurai in Khura'in, but he had turned up empty handed.

I based the Terror off of a Power Ranger, and I used images of Phoenix and the Steel Samurai for color references. I wanted to shade the character similarly to the 3D sprites in Dual Destinies. For my first time, I think it went well-ish!