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occ2016 - Sonam Ch'kagdo

Poster: lilyco101




Entrant's Name: lilyco101

Entrant's Website (optional): Tumblr / Instagram: @lilyco101

Character's Name: Sonam Ch'kagdo

Age: 10

Occupation: Cloth merchant assistant / Witness

Brief Physical Description:
• Jade-green eyes.
• Long, dark, brown hair with two braids at the sides.
• 4' 7" in height.
• Beige dress with a blue upper garment.
• Pouch around the waist.
• Keeps an ornament tied on her pouch strap.
• Brown sandals.

Brief Personality Description: Sonam is a very cheerful girl who takes great care of those around her and loves to help people. She does not like to show others when she is sad or in pain, because she does not like to see her friends worried. In her spare time, she enjoys reading books and running errands for the local market people. ••• Although she is young, she is known for having good intuition and sharp senses. Sonam is quick at calculations and is quite observant amidst her innocent appearance.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Childhood friends with Ahlbi Ur'gaid.

Brief Background: Sonam is a friendly girl that grew up playing with the Khura'inese children, including Ahlbi. She assists at a fabric and textile store in the local market every morning. ••• Sonam lost her mother to a fire at a young age. Ever since, she has decided to work hard in life and spread nothing but happiness to those around her.

Turnabout Dragon: One night, Sonam she realizes she left her accounting book at the cloth store. She went back to retrieve the book so that she could calculate her sales for the day. Upon entering the fabric store, she suddenly heard a pot crash on the ground and saw a figure quickly fleeing from the scene of the crash noise. ••• It is later revealed that the market's jade merchant was murdered that night, and his most prized-artwork, the Jade Dragon, was stolen by the murderer. Sonam decides to come out as a witness for Phoenix Wright's trial on the case of the jade merchant's murder and the missing Jade Dragon.

• Sonam's name actually means "merit" or "fortune" in the Tibetian language. I chose that name for her because she brings joy to those around her.
• She keeps coins and miscellaneous items in her pouch.
• The jade ornament strapped to her pouch was given to her as a present from her late mother.
• Her clothing design is inspired from Ahlbi's clothes. Because they grew up together, I figured they'd have similar attire.
• This was my first time entering in any art contest, so creating Sonam was lots of fun!

Thanks to everyone who voted!