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OC Contest Fanart: Hy'waehe Rhoberi

Poster: Ligersketch0x




Entrant's Name: Ligersketch0x
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Character's Name: Hy'waehe Rhoberi
Age: 26
Occupation: Salesman and Farmer, an ex-con man and thief
Brief Physical Description:
Hy'waehe is a man with a slight muscular build, has bluish grey eyes, black hair, a slight beard, and stands at around 5'7" tall. He styles his hair slicked back, with a pony tail held by a small jade bead.
Before, he was a thief that hid behind a dark blue goblin mask, wore a purple patterned cloak, with a teal shirt, red belt sash, and crème colored pants under it.
As a farmer, he wears a simple red torn shirt, a white towel around his waist, ragged and patched up light tan pants, and is bare foot except with red bandages that wrap his feet.
Whenever out in the marketplace or his the center of the town, he wears a bluish purple butterfly patterned coat under his red shirt, has new crème colored pants, and purple slippers. He adorns a magatama, which can be detached and be used as a whistle to call out his dog, Bandhit, held by a gold headband. On his right ear, he as a jade earring above the lobe. He accessories himself with jade rings on each of his hands. Around his shoulder, a white patterned scarf drapes on him.
Brief Personality Description:
He is described as a charismatic and flirtatious man, who is quite calculative when it comes to selling various goods at his shop. Hy'waehe is the truthful and honest young man, who will work hard for his family. Yet, his morals can be swayed depending on the situation, which leads him to ultimately performing deeds that are risky. He is quite known to be a bit too trustworthy with anyone and will tend to rely on said person too much. Hy'waehe is not one to pick a fight. Yet when provoked or being proven wrong, one would expect him to be at his boiling point.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable):
During his con man and thieving years, Hy'waehe sold a bundle of working and knock off weapons to Datz. The outcomes of his actions almost caused the rebel to get caught by the guards, after setting few smoke bombs which were simply duds. The pair would meet again as cell mates. However, in the beginning, they were not in good terms, but eventually built each others trust to the point that Hy'waehe agreed to help Datz escape from the prison, by stealing a few materials.
Brief Background:
Hy'waehe was born somewhere in the rural parts of the Khurain Kingdom to a family of farmers , who were under debt and in danger of being evicted out of their land. Seeing that the farming job didn't cut out, he began stealing and selling the items for a high price. As a young lad, he continued his thievery and con man career. Years have gone by and he would meet his savior and partner in crime, Bandhit, the street dog. The two were inseparable.
Unfortunately, his plans did not cut out as planned, because the debt continues to rise, along the risk of the family being kicked out of their land inch closer and closer. As an ultimatum, Hy'waehe turned himself in just so his family can use the reward money to pay off their debt. Yet, he was struck with depression due to his family's utter disappointment of his actions, which put him through a period of promising himself of being the better man once he is out of prison.
Out from prison, he is now a new man. Hy'waehe got back up to his feet and become the hard working farmer, and the tactical marketplace sales man. Though, he would be eventually wrongly accused for stealing Princess Rayfa's staff. No matter how much he tries to prove himself innocent amongst the community, he still cannot escape the thieving reputation he was known for. Perhaps, ace attorney, Apollo Justice can help and seek out the truth.