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OC Contest 2016 (Fanart)-Ima'se Amstrez

Poster: sy1004




Entrant's Name: sy1004
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Character's Name: Ima’se Amstrez (I’m a seamstress)
Age: 27
Occupation: Royal Seamstress/Plumed Punisher TV series costume designer
Brief Physical Description: A woman of average height (5’3”) and build. She sports black hair with two braids hanging in front of her ears and a straight fringe above her eyebrows. The rest of her hair is pulled up into a bun reminiscent of a tomato pin cushion. She wears a blue dress and white undershirt with gold accents of traditional Khura’inese attire. A pink measuring tape is draped around her shoulder at all times. A green mitamah brooch is pinned onto the left side of her dress collar. She hides rather muscular arms under her sleeves, probably a result of carrying around bolts of fabric all day.
Brief Personality Description: Ima’se is quiet by nature and prefers not to speak unless spoken to. She is an excellent listener. However, she can be sociable when talking about her topics of interest such as the Plumed Punisher. She takes pride in her creations of cloth. Despite her mild nature, she holds an intense dislike for Ga’ran's fashion sense.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable): When Nayna is not around, Rayfa often talks with Ima’se. Ima’se has known Rayfa since she was a child, so Rayfa views Ima’se as an older sister. She later becomes a client of Phoenix Wright and company. Much to Phoenix’s chagrin, she gets along swimmingly with Maya due to their shared interest in the Plumed Punisher.
Brief Background: Ima’se was originally brought into the palace at the age of 13 in order to be trained as the successor to her family’s position as royal seamstress. At the age of 18, she began her career by creating Rayfa’s childhood clothes. Ten years later, she works as the costume designer for the Plumed Punisher TV series in addition to her palace work. When Ima’se falls under suspicion for the murder of her assistant at the filming set for the Plumed Punisher, Rayfa cannot help but ask (demand) Phoenix and company for assistance. Ima'se initially has mixed feelings about receiving assistance from Phoenix, but when she learns that Rayfa had been the one to “suggest” it, she makes a firm decision to clear her name in order to save Rayfa’s reputation.